The Tarot

I don’t know much about Tarot, in a world where magic is real and physical I’m pretty sure this is just someone’s efforts to make money from “spirits.”

The cards of The 22 I noted, and wrote are as such.


The Emperor – Mhurren
The Hanged Man – Aran
The White Wolf – Strybjorn
The Branded – Ilvaarn

Temperance – Anri Jillianwood
The Moon – Hushtongue

Empress – Karla
The Chariot – Morvo Vigenlyr
The Sun – Ser Weyland
Death – Brill

Hierophant – Mefrith
The Tower – Roland
The Knight – Draughtgar
The Watcher – Dymitri

Wheel of Fortune – Dirhael
The Lovers – Roy
The Hermit – Camouflage
The High Priest – Ghuleh

The Tarot

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