The Calendar

The Calendar

There are 12 months in a year, and 4 weeks in a month, so a total of 336 days in a year.

The months and seasons are;

[New Blossom]



[White Frost]

The days in a week are;


As an example, instead of measuring the time passing in a month by way of counting, folk simply say “The 4th Morphis of Wintersict” etcera.


Merrymaker’s Day
-The First Morphis of Afteryule.
-Originally a halfling holiday, but is shared by many as the first day of the new year.
-In Halfling tongue it is “Wobbum.”
-Starts with a parade about “The King of Fools” Gundar and lasts all night with drinking and song.

Wind’s Day
-The Third Highday of Afteryule.
-Celebrating Durin, Warborn spend the day drinking and feasting while others usually craft paper gliders and cast them into the wind.

Day of Dawn
-The Fourth Restday of Afteryule.
-Celebrating the New Blossom, much greenery and treats are shared.
-Often ends in a passionate night.

Week of Fox’s Fire
-The Second Morphis through the the Second Suredas of Somath.
-Celebrating when Mellitie outsmarted Alva, and used Alva’s flame to ignite a field of crops using a fox, thus rebirthing the crops.
-Farmers send their daughters through the crops with lit torches every night to rebirth the crops just as Alva did.

Birth of Earth
-The Third Seculus of Somath.
-Farmers sacrifice a cow to Azarus, for healthy earth.

Vintage Day
-The Third Highday of Somath.
-A wine festival to celebrate the harvest, and a prayer for more drinks.

Green Day
-The Fourth Suredas of Somath.
-A day to honour Erythnul and Lord of the Hunt, people gather and plant seeds, and hunters hunt for them.

The Flower’s Games
-The First Seculus to the First Highday of Rethe.
-Celebrating the fertility of the New Blossom, practiced by many farming communities as it is very pleasure-seeking and contestants are invited to wear little.

Crown’s Day
-The Second Trinifis of Rethe.
-Merchants sacrifice gold to the god of trade, Pelor.

The Day’s Fast
-The Third Suredas of Astronil.
-Many honour the Pantheon by denying themselves food for the day.

Brightest Day
-The Fourth Seculus of Astronil.
-Celebrating the Solsti, it is the longest day of the year and honours Talanas, the Goddess of the Sun.
-Farmers and priests light massive bonfires outside of temples.

Retribution Day
-The First Highday of Thrimidge.
-Intended to defy Asmodeus, the King of Hell, many light fireworks.
-Remembers when the gods, in their material forms, drove Asmodeus into the Abyss.

Day of the Depths
-The Second Morphis of Thrimidge.
-A day to honour Zamanthras, Goddess of the Sea.
-Fishermen sacrifice the biggest fish they find that day.

Rememberance Day
-The Third Highday of Thrimidge.
-Commerates the death of many old heroes to the Dragons, it is the annual eclipse of the year, as it is believed Talanas also weeps for their deaths.

Gratitude Day
-The Third Restday of Thrimidge.
-A day when those who follow gods pay offerings to them, providing thanks for watching over them.

Barn Day
-The Second Trinifis of Forelithe.
-Barns are built and beasts of burden are garlanded with flowers.

The Siege
-The Third Highday to the Third Restday of Forelithe.
-A celebration of Galatrine, Daeon and The Blind Guardian in their most memorable skirmish.
-On the first day, the children build a fort for Daeon and spend the night defending the flag from children selected to fight for Daeon and Galatrine.
-Those of Galatrine must bring the flag to the temple, and those of The Blind Guardian must make sure neither side wins.

Rustic Vintage
-The Fourth Seculus of Forelithe.
-Celebration of growth and fertility to Mellitie and Freya.
-Centers around pressing grapes and drinking old wine.

The Showcase
-The Fourth Quidil to the Fourth Suredas of Forelithe.
-Honours Meridar and Daeon through building and creating art and interesting crafts.

The Champion’s Games
-The Second Morphis to the Second Quidil of Afterlithe.
-Each day is a new game, and whoever wins each games wins a pot of gold. Smaller games are held for small rewards also.

The Day of Dusk
-The Third Highday of Afterlithe.
-Celebrates the coming of Orion, many share and give to prepare for the coming cold of The White Frost.

Repentance Day
-The First Trinifis of Wedmath.
-Honours Mercer, many are expected to make friends with enemies and repay old debts and ease burdens of guilt.

Wellspringing Day
-The Second Suredas of Wedmath.
-Celebrates fresh water and other simple pleasures, people make prayers to Ilmater and Zamanthras.
-Wells and loved ones are garlanded with flowers.

Soldier’s Toil
-The Third Highday of Halimath.
-Celebrates those who gave their lives in war.
-Where The Siege celebrates the excitement of war, Toil celebrates the sacrifice.

Thanks and Giving
-The Fourth Morphis the Fourth Suredas of Halimath.
-Celebrates community, people share food and gifts among their fellows.
-The local temple becomes a feast-hall for all.

Blackest Night
-The First Highday of Wintersict.
-Celebrates evil gods, as without them the balance of Starsong would be out of order.
-Celebrants wear robes and masks and do what they want without causing chaos or too much disorder.
-Celebrants act like their true selves on this day, thanks to the masks.

Eve of Quiet
-The Third Trinifis of Bloamath.
-Celebrates the dead, people take food and wine to the graves of the fallen to leave for their souls.
-It is considered bad luck to speak aloud on this day, as Gevrauche may incur his wrath on the lost souls.

Hearth Day
-The Fourth Restday of Foreyule.
-Celebrates the family those still have, giving gifts and sharing food.

The Calendar

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