Session 20 - The Zhentarim

The session began on the 3rd Ha’ub of Death, ending on the 4th Soliam.

Aran told his compatriots of his intentions to kill Dransun and steal a painting from the King, however things quickly went sideways. He decided not to kill Dransun, but failed to get away scotch-free, as he disappeared into the ether. Strybjorn had the equally excellent idea to distract everyone using the Horn of the Deathcaller and summoning several warborn spirits.

Aran found a parchment of Merroskrit, a piece of flayed spellcaster skin used for magical means.

After leaving Ral’Eldas in a rush, angering the Jackals, Anduril and Victor, they took off with their crew to Allindor.

Interesting conversations took place on board the Worgen. Vordt, Fournival, Sheraptus and even Tritus.

The Few put together some pieces of the puzzle involving a map of Kharik’s, and organised their to-do list.

Sheraptus, in a rare display of emotion, told Strybjorn his story. Tasked by his Lord to complete a series of impossible tasks, Sheraptus refused, only to have his wife mutiliated and son killed.

His son’s name was Silir, and his name used to be Seraphim.

Vordt revealed himself as a spirit of compassion, the body he possessed was killed a few years ago.

The Few landed in Allindor with some happiness, for Tilda and Katie returned but many more womenfolk remained lost.

The Few saw off Hummingbird to continue his quest, Deeks and the other Occulter took off for Ironford, Vargach included.

Interestingly enough they met the famous Volothamp Geddarm, author and writer of many bestiaries.

Mhurren met Torvin, a Zhentarim elder who wrote him a letter to “Never pet a burning dog.” He recognised Mhurren as Imzel’s kid, an old raiding buddy. He told Mhurren that Wrukorog was unsafe to get to, being held by the 6th tribe in the Heretic’s Gap.

The session ended with the Few raiding a Zhentarim warcamp owned by Whorefrost, a general of the Warlord “The Scarred One.”

Session 20 - The Zhentarim

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