Session 18 - Unbound

When we last left the Few, they were inside Old Lansel Mansion, preparing for a siege.

They were attacked by a returning warband of goblinoids from the Legion of Morag, led by Devastator Ratbag.

Ratbag looked as if he had all the cards in his hands, but was cut in two by Aran’s quick thinking, which let the party recover and kill the few goblinoids left.

They returned to Ral’Eldas with loot and rescued elves in tow.

After some shopping and selling of loot and the purchase of a Bag of Holding, they went to Ankorill and met some elves from Grey Company.

They then went to the gem mine near Ankorill, and found a large cave dragon inside. For what felt like hours they battled, falling down again and again, fighting with everything they had. After enough of this, they defeated the beast, landing the killing stroke.

With gems and Immortam Crystal at their fingertips, the Few will return in Session 19.

Session 18 - Unbound

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