Races of Starsong

High Elves
-Native to Oolacile, Dawnforge, Londor and Aerrune.
-Oolacilians have faint yellow skin, are lightly muscled with black hair.
-Dawnforgers are tall and blonde.
-Aerunnians are thin and pale with stark-white hair.
-High Elves are known for their love of all things fine, such as art and wine.
-There may be something sinister behind their wisdom, all those years alive wear heavy on any soul.
-They have only one god, Latherian, who leads them through strength in magic.
-“Never trust a High Elf, they only watch out for themselves, once whatever they want from you is done and over, you’re less than dirt on their fancy shoe.” – Fool.

Wood Elves
-Native to Dawnforge, Boletaria and Mihanji.
-Dawnforgers are short, tan and have dirty brown hair.
-A sub-breed are the “Greenskins” or “Greenshicts” they are tall, ugly and built like Orcs.
-Boletarians are known as “Khoshicts” or “Sand Elves” they are a dark black and wear masks or cover themselves in ritual scarring, as they suffer the curse of each having the same face.
-Mihanjian’s are faintly brown and very tribal compared to other Shicts.
-Wood elves are hard to trust due to their naturally savage nature, earning them the name “Shict” after the sound an arrow makes meeting flesh.
-The notches in a Shict’s ear represents which tribe it’s from, from the 1st Tribe to the 9th.
-They each have a profound respect of nature and Materia.
-Gods who favour them are Riffid, Erythnul, Azarus and the Lord of the Hunt.

-Native to Dawnforge, Boletaria, Aerrune, Oolacile, Carim and Arl’Skellig.
-Dawnforgers are short with black hair and fair skin.
-Boletarians are tall, heavily built with dark skin.
-Aerunnians are tall, thin with pale skin.
-Oolacilians are short, thinly muscled with light tanned yellow skin.
-Skelligers or “Warborn” are tall, blonde or red-haired and heavily built.
-Humans, they endure, they live and they refuse to die.
-No race would openly say it, but Humans are the most feared and respected race for their cruelty, intelligence and stubbornness. They are far too similar to their brother and sister races, and are seen as such.
-The Gods who favour the Humans are Talanas the Healer, The Allfather and Bellona.
-Warborn gods include Durin, Freya and Mellitie.

-Native to Dawnforge, Aerrune, Boletaria and Yurimar.
-Dawnforgers are “Frostborne” known for their gaunt features and black hair.
-Aerunnians are pale and rotund with silver features.
-Boletarians are dark-skinned.
-Dwarves are naturally honest and hardworking, they believe in eternal servitude to their God-Protector, Hector the Hammer.
-Dwarves swear often and come off as rude but there is no greater friend to another race than a Dwarf.
-They have a natural competitiveness with their fellow races.

-Natives to Dawnforge, Boletaria, Aerrune, Carthus and Yurimar.
-Dawnforgers are forest green with black hair and eyes.
-Boletarians are dark-skinned and desert-worn.
-Aerunnians are pale and hairy like beastmen.
-Orcs hate the gods as much as the gods hate them, they only worship battle and victory.
-Orc clans trade in Death-Taxes, trading skulls for goods or services, such as helping a fellow clan attack a village.
-Honour comes first in an Orc stronghold; debts and fights alike must be honoured.
-Orc Shaman’s are called Haruspex, and cast Blood Magic and study battles through slain corpses.
-They live in sparse tribes where they may hunt and live as they please, however tribe numbers can reach huge numbers, leading to expansion and conquest.
-Known tribes
-Dawnforge: Gutgash, Killrogg, Frostwolves, Godhand, Bloodfangs.
-Aerrune: Bloodbastards, Hookwhores and The Crossed.
-Boletaria: Worldeaters, Legion, Shattered-Hand, and the Mok-Nathal

-Native to Drangleic
-Two breeds yet many colours, they are Rhega and Drokha.
-Rhega are natural-born dragonmen of Drangleic.
-Drokha are mutants born from experiments and hate of humans.
-Their god, The Moonlit One, hates them and other Draconids, abandoning them.
-They are rare, but known for their great courage, wisdom and ability to adapt.

-Easily mistaken for one of the other, both are natives of Aerrune, Dawnforge and Yurimar.
-They are small with fair complexion and dark features.
-Known Gods is Gundar, the Lesser God of Revelry, and Goldfish, God of Song.
-Halfings and Gnomes once ruled in kingdoms, yet a great plague diminished their numbers.
-Now they are simple folk, Halflings and Gnomes lead many banks and businesses.

-Born from the Rift in the Abyss, they answer to no-one and serve no purpose besides their own.
-They are demonic in nature leading to general distrust.
-They live where they may be welcome, as mercenaries, sellswords or any profession that requires great skill.
-The most common coloured Tiefling’s are red and black, the more uncommon is blue and purple and the absolute rarest is white.

-Otherwise known as “Dark Elves” they are natives of Dawnforge and Boletaria.
-Dawnforgers are from “Ungoliant” in the East.
-Boletarians are from “Absentia” in the Suntorn Waste.
-They are naturally cruel and ruthless, yet believe in law and their god, Quelanaa and her Arch-Demon servant Mirabelle.

-Strong, cruel and harsh as the mountains they come from.
-They are from the mountains of Boletaria, Dawnforge, Aerrune and Yurimar.
-Dawnforgers and Aerunnians are pale-white with black stripes and Boletarians the opposite.
-They live in herds, often battling with orcs and dwarves. They fight with each other near-constantly for leadership of the clan.
-A Goliath has three names, a birth-name, a nickname from their leader and a clan-name.

-Small flightless bird-folk, they are the result of an ancient curse.
-They come from Dawnforge, Aerrune, Yurimar and Oolacile.
-They wish to regain the power of flight, and their bird nature causes them to mimic sounds and voices.
-They are mostly meek yet eager, making them into artisans and performers.

-From the exotic jungle island of Mihanji, Tabaxi are anthronised leopards.
-They are extremely curious, some are blessed by their god to pursue adventure and a goal, unlike their tribesmen who live in small groups in Mihanji.
-They see little in material wealth, rather seeking knowledge and lore.
-Due to their curiosity they change from idea to idea for knowledge.

-Native to the Watergod’s Altar, the Murning Sea and the Rimyesea.
-They are nobles, champions and protectors of their aquatic homes.
-They are heavily isolated from the surface world but there are some who wander the lands.
-They are benevolent creatures at heart and believe other races require their protection, sacrificing themselves for the common good.

-Native to Aerrune, Dawnforge, Boletaria and Cyrail.
-Cold, calculating, detached, these are the words people use to describe Lizardfolk.
-Cyralian Lizardfolk are strange blues and purples with outcroppings of crystals and reef in their scales.
-Boletarian Lizardfolk are black and gray due to their home in the tar of the Waste.
-Aerunnians are forest green due to their home in the Jagged Swamp.
-Dawnforgers are a mix of colours, usually dark green.

-Native to Dawnforge, Arl’Skellig and Temris.
-Gentle guardians of forests and nature, they are strange in their methods but are peaceful.
-Some are outcasted and thrown out of their homes.
-Many see material needs as useless and only look for what they need to survive.
-They are capable of powerful magic and are not be trifled with.

-Native to the Undying Lands and the Abyss.
-Not to be confused with angels or demons, they are something inbetween. Where angels and demons are manifestations of energy made whole through hate or love, Aasimar are messengers or servants of celestial or abyssal beings.
-Some Aasimar are sent by the gods for goodness, some have left the Abyss to spread evil and hate.
-There can be many Aasimar in the world as of now that no-one could tell due to their hidden capabilities and fear of retribution.
-They are conflicted between their free will and their mission from their god.

Races of Starsong

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