The Mirror

The Mirror or Multiverse is what we refer to as the collection of planes that overlap our own on Starsong. There is Demiplanes, Elemental Planes, Energy Planes, Transitive Planes, The Undying Lands and The Abyss.


Demiplanes are the innermost planes to ours that can be accessed without the use of Transitive Planes. They are extradimensional spaces that come intro being by a variety of means and boast their own physical laws. They are folds of reality pinched from the rest of The Mirror. A demiplane can be as small as a hut or large as a Material realm. For example, Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion is a demiplane consisting of a manor that is created through a spell.

Feywild – Ruled by Erythnul. It is the plane of Faerie and of Growth, a land of soft lights and wonder, a place of music and death. It is supersaturated with color, vibrancy, melody and scents. Away from its cities are thick forests and foggy swamps. It is a reflection of Materia, influenced by the constant influx of magical energy from life and growth. Where a volcano is in Materia, in Feywild it is a mountain topped with massive crystals that glow with internal fire. It is inhabited by elves, dryads, satyrs, pixies, firbolgs and sprites, even others such as centaurs, dragons, treants and unicorns. The darker regions contain hags, blights, goblins, ogres and giants.

Shadowfell – Ruled by Aldinach. Also called the Plane of Shadow, it is a world of shades of gray, everything is dull and leached. Senses are dulled and faded here. Away from the crumbling cities are gray forests and deep fogs, faded stretches of brambles and murky swamps. It overlaps the Material Plane exactly as Feywild does, but everything here is twisted and warped. A mountain in Materia might be a jagged rock outcropping or a massive horned skull or a crumbling ruin in Shadowfell. Shadow dragons and undead creatures haunt here.

Materia – Our own material plane that we physically live in.

The Dark Forest – Ruled by Riffid. In elf-tongue it is the Silreslian, the Sea of Trees, a direct mirror of Arborea. Where beasts roam freely in Arborea, they too live in the Silreslian, but as hunters. Greenskin Shicts are the most common race here, as it is believed that they de-evolved into common Shicts or wood-elves. Danger lurks here openly, whether it be beasts, battling tribes or even the very poison of the earth, it is not safe.

Ghokul – Once ruled by the Raven Queen, however since her death there is little knowledge of this place.

Elemental Planes

Elemental Planes leaks magic into Materia, thus being able to be harnessed. Alchemists and planeswalkers go here to collect rare magical properties.

Zendikar – Air. It is a maelstrom, a place of movement, inspiration and animation. Air is the breath of life, the winds of change that clears the fog. Here, it is a vast expanse with constant winds and chunks of earth that drift in the Skylands. Strange people and races make their home here, using the air currents to travel.

Kaos – Fire – Ruled by Dagon. Though chaotic, fire is vibrant, passionate and used to change. It is cruel and destructive, but makes civilisation possible. It is a place of a blazing sun where the heat is like a furnance. The sun is so powerful it burns all who sees it.

The Altar – Water – Ruled by Zamanthras. It is the deepest ocean, water flows, smooth, steady and inexorable. Water is the rhythm of tide, the drink of life and the bitter tears. There are frequent rainstorms, feeding into the vastness, the lost ships of countless civilisations drift across the ocean with little hope of return. Life flourishes on the sunlit top of the ocean, creatures occupy reefs and sea caves that seem endless. The deep, pitch-black regions of the ocean are murky and dark, horrid creatures that never see sunlight live there living off the molten heat that pours in from the depths. Air-breathers fight over land on the surface and use rafts and ships lashed together as homes.

Eiderdown – Earth. It is a solid mass of stone and soil, of impossibly high mountains and deep extensive networks of caverns. Earth is of stability, resolve and tradition, the element of long memories and stoicism. Jewels are abundant here, and larger than those on Materia. Minerals and metals are common and regenerate at the font of creation. Every so often, people scheme to mine Eiderdown and harvest its wealth.

The Borders – Though layered, the elemental planes have borders that pass through one another to allow for travel. They are; Sirocco Straights, The Great Conflaguration, The Sea of Fire, Molten Rivers, The Fountains of Creation, The Furnaces, Mud Hills, Swamps of Oblivion, Silt Flats, Sea of Ice, Frostfell and Mistral Reach.

Energy Planes

Similar to Elemental Planes, they are the raw Energy of The Mirror, letting them be chaotic and untrustworthy.

Quasi Energy Planes – Lightning, Vacuum, Steam, Salt, Mineral, Dust, Radiance, Ash.

Para Energy Planes – Ice, Ooze, Magma, Smoke.

Transitive Planes

Transitive Planes contain very little of anything, and serve only to transport.

The Rift – A tear where planeswalkers and demons move from plane-to-plane. Used in teleportation magic, it is entirely black and void-like.

The Breach – A dark green fog-like mist that reeks of death and plague. It is impossible to navigate, and can appear randomly, swallowing whole homes and even villages to unknown planes.

Aeon’s Gate – A man-made creation, lets users travel between planes through the Aeon. Aeons are a mix of different worlds and energies that must be traversed using the Gates. To stay behind in one of the Aeons is death.

The Ether – The ethereal plane, it borders the Demiplanes. The Border is where travellers to the Ether cannot affect the Material plane. When entering, it is like viewing the Material plane through fogged glass.

The Deep Ether – Similar to the Rift, it is accessed through the Ether and is used to physically travel between planes.

The Astral Plane – The inverse version of the Rift, it is a place of thought, memory and psychic energy. It is where the souls of the dead pass to the Undying Lands. It is also where gods go to die. Travellers are easily spotted by their silver cords, lifelines that ensure they are not lost. Where the Rift is a plane of shadow, the Astral Plane is one of light, but not of peace. Dead gods are mined by strange otherworldly creatures.

The Undying Lands

The Undying Lands is the sphere ruled by good, lawful and neutral gods in the outermost layer of The Mirror. It is the place of Celestials and the dead, watched over by Gevrauche. The dead arrive here and are guided by Gevrauche or are escorted by gods to personal planes of the dead.

It contains;

The Outlands – The one and only True Neutral plane, ruled by The Lady of Pain. Through it, all other planes can connect without the use of tears, making it perfect for use of trade or negotiations. Those who are not “quite right” for the Undying Lands come here, either dissolving into nothingness or serving Gevrauche for eternity.

Elysium – Ruled by the Allfather. It is a place of castles, villages and forests that resemble the home of the fallen. Everyone has a home, and all are equal in the Allfather’s eyes.

Dwarfhome – Ruled by Hector the Hammer, it is an underground expanse of halls, fortresses and mines where families gather to live in peace.

Valhal – Ruled by Durin and Freya. Tremendous halls where the fighting souls rest from battles and make merry, trading stories of their victories while alive and feasting on foods of the gods, harvested from the Dead Fields. It is a place of sybaritic pleasure, a place to feast and indulge in their whims.

The Astral Garden – Ruled by Latherian. It has grand gates of gold defended by powerful angels. Those who follow Latherian are treated here to comfort and peace in this massive district of mansions, their minds flow freely. Those who seek information, peace, wisdom and advice can talk to a multitude of mystics who live here via way of planar travel. Some enter through portals, others ask Latherian directly to visit.

Celestia – Ruled by Talanas. It was made by the Cloud Giants as a gift, it is a heavenly series of castles on clouds below the sun of Talanas. Sickness, poor health and disability are memories of the Material Plane under the watch of the Healer.

Arcadia – Ruled by Mercer. A place fueled by the dreams of those who lived their lives in peace. It reflects the users visions and past on Materia. The life you lived there is now your world here. Many paladins live here to see the world they fought and died for.

Mechanus – Ruled by Meriadar. It is also known as The Clockwork Nirvana, a lawful-neutral plane of ultimate law and order. Every action is planned, measured and controlled. Home to the Modroms, Inevitables and the Formians.

Beastlands – Ruled by the Lord of the Hunt. It is a neutral/chaotic-good aligned plane of nature and animals. Peaceful alpine forests and groves are here, and varied climates that are suitable for any species. Settlements are small living in the wilderness. It stirs the beast in hearts, and are replaced by simplistic and honest urges.

The Dead Fields – Ruled by Gevrauche. It is where the unwanted or lost souls go, a massive expanse of fields and farms. They provide food for the gods and their servants. Where souls may resist at first, over time the memories of their old lives fade and they find peace here.

The Abyss

The Abyss is the negative force of the Undying Lands, it is ruled by Asmodeus.

While there is limited planes for the Undying Lands, there can be no known limit for The Abyss, it ever expands inwards.

Known planes are;

The Fade – Ruled by Salos. Spirits of those still with purpose live here, tormented or sometimes let through to fulfill their desires.

The Crawl – Ruled by DIO. Appears as a desert with structures of old, yet the world is inverted into the sky as a reflection.

Nethra – Ruled by Ulbecetonth. It is a place of hurt, where Netherlings are born from corpses of enemies of the demons. Sculptures that reflect the Material world lie here, made from corpses. An eclipsed sun is the only light.

Cravusin – Ruled by Behemoth.

Ysgard – Ruled by Distar.

Unpeace – Ruled by Eligos.

Pandemonium – Ruled by Alquam.

Carceri – Ruled by Femto.

Lust – Ruled by Slan.

Sabbath – Ruled by Quelanaa.

Envy – Ruled by Abraxas.

Void – Ruled by Belial.

Hades – Ruled by Rallistar.

Archeron – Ruled by Dispater. Contains the City of Brass, Baator.

Gluttony – Ruled by Mirabelle.

Gehenna – Ruled by Zarius.

Tytherion – Ruled by Amoena.

Shom – Ruled by Kavril.

Arvandor – Ruled by Ikned.

Gallenshu – Ruled by Amylum.

Necrotica – Ruled by Vecna.

The Depths – Ruled by Asmodeus’ unnamed second in command, it is where he keeps his legions of demons and devils. Its denizens struggle for power and schemes to steal power and favour from Asmodeus. It is the only multi-layered level of the Abyss. It contains; The Cages, The Screaming Pits, The Damned Sextet; Swamp of Blood, Dread Crypt, The Hive, The Pleasure Palace, The Colosseum, The Firm, The Infernal Keep.

The Black Shore

The Battlefield


Other Planes

These are planes that are not connected to the Mirror, but exist still as worlds unknown and untrodden.

Zerthayuin – Ruled by Zaruxel and Zuoken, both mystic dragons. They teach ways of peace and of defense here for monks. It has been described as a peaceful world of snowy mountains, gentle waterfalls and traditional villages similar to those of Oolacile.

Realm of Chaos – Ruled by the Harbingers of the Old World, it is split into four spheres of influence; The Blood God’s Domain, Realm of the Sorcerer, Land of Decay and The Dark Prince’s Realm. It is massive in size, comparable to even the whole of the Abyss.

Plane of Dreams – Ruled by Vesperi, it is where all “true” dreams occur. Where Arcadia is a utopia, the Plane of Dreams is simply the fears, aspirations, ambitions and worries of the mortal world.

Arborea – Believed to be ruled by Latherian but there is no proof. It is a land of natural, peaceful beauty with a multitude of thriving environments. It is dominated by vast, tall forests, but also glades of wildflowers and fields of grain. It embodies chaos, but through the natural forms of chaos such as wild weather or wild beasts. A race of elves, the Eladrin, live here as guardians. They are believed to be the fathers of the High-Elves.

Painted Worlds – The Painted Worlds are created by Xanthous Mages, they are planes created for enjoyment, torture, anything, entered through paintings.

The Sunless Realms – A world with no sun. The inhabitants are barely mortal, the world is sick, diseased, rotten to the core. It is not to be trifled with.

Kaladesh – A living world of art, a vibrant, beautiful plane where anything is possible. Optimism, innovation and the spirit of creativity fuel an intoxicating renaissance of invention and artifice across Kaladesh. Clockwork automatons walk the streets, soaring airships provide transport to all races to all cities and villages. Thopters flit over marketplaces, carrying messages, information and driving away goblin infestations. The reason for Kaladesh’s existence is the presence of Aether, a raw form of primordial magic that fills the space between planes and has become a critical part of the environment and civilisation.

The Mirror

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