Session 2 - Cephalon

The Journal of Dusk

1st Gol of Order, 4388


After the debacle with Iustitia and Logos, Toki asked V, Morhann, and myself to take the Grimoire Cephalon away, so that it doesn’t cause more trouble. We went inside the Wizard’s Guild and started to look for Cephalon. Morhann and myself went to the living quarters, whilst V went upstairs to the laboratory. Neither Morhann, nor myself, managed to find much of anything, although I did meet a wizard who was reading a book about the arcane. Upstairs, V met a couple of Wizards, a Drow and a Tabaxi.

V asked the Drow about Cephalon and was pointed towards the case it was held in but noticed the case was smashed and the book hidden. V heard a muffled noise coming from a painting the Tabaxi was inspecting. Apparently the Tabaxi thought it was the Wizard in the painting attempting to talk to him and got excited. V was smarter than that and realised the noise was coming from behind the painting. V looked behind the painting and found Cephalon, with a gag in it’s mouth and a blindfold over it’s eyes.

Apparently Cephalon is sentient. I’ve never heard of a sentient book before. V came back downstairs and gave the book to me, then Morhann offered to look after the book, so I gave it to him.

After we found Cephalon, we went to the Inn, The Boasting Bard was its name, and we looked at the notice board, hoping we’d find something to do for a little extra coin. We didn’t find much, although there was something about Georgio Vandelimon’s recruiting drive. We sought out the person listed on that notice, Mullhojjem, who turned out to be another Firbolg, like myself. I’m surprised I’ve seen so many of us away from our clans.

Mullhojjem said that Georgio would probably come around sometime later tonight. We had time and thus decided to visit the Camerlengo, to look for something we could do whilst we waited for Georgio. There were a few things that took our interest, specifically, Morhann was interested in a contract about hunting down the people who stole from the Temple of Talanas at EmynMuil, and V was interested in a contract about dungeon delving.

Unfortunately, none of the contracts seemed to be things that could be done within the day. We said we’d come back at some point, and then we headed back to the Inn, to wait for Georgio. On the way back I popped into a shop called Lem’s Gems and sold the sapphire embedded necklace I picked up from the Dread Temple of Wallima. I hope that I don’t regret selling it, in case the people who raided Wallima’s tomb want it back.

Back at the Inn, I ordered a couple of drinks and sat down with the others.We waited until night, to meet with Georgio. While we waited a guard came in and put a notice on the noticeboard. Lots of people were shocked when they read the notice, so we decided to investigate. We looked at the board and saw that the new notice said Iustitia Delany and Dual-Logos had both been murdered in prison. This grimoire must be important if people are willing to murder each other over it.After some time Georgio arrived.He was accompanied by several soldiers, some nobles, and a group ofmercenaries.

I noticed something strange about the mercenaries, they all seemed to have a similar chain across one of their shoulders. Perhaps they’re all a part of the same mercenary group, otherwise they might have been given those chains to signify their affiliation with the Vandelimons. After some time, Georgio came around to us, sitting at our table and discussed the contract he’d made. After giving us some information he asked if we wanted to start right away. We asked for a couple of days, to gear up and such. He agreed, and we signed our contracts. Georgio paid us and left.

We all noticed something odd about him, and some of the conditions of the contract seem a little strange.

After Georgio left we decided it would be best not to bring the Grimoire along with us to the dig site. None of us really trusted Georgio. We then proceeded to head to our rooms. Whilst V and myself went to sleep, Morhann removed Cephalon’s blindfold and gag and proceeded to talk to it. Morhann asked if Cephalon had a master, to which the Grimoire replied it didn’t. Cephalon than asked to be freed, so it could go someplace else. Morhann asked how it would get there to which Cephalon showed him it could fly.

Morhann decided not to let it go free and put the blindfold and gag back on it.

1st Moltes of Order, 4388


Today we decided to catch the express train back to Abeir-Toril, to give the Grimoire back to Vonliostro. We paid our fee and boarded the train. The express took us through some sort of strange void and within a minute or so, we had arrived. Upon exiting the train, I decided to talk with Morhann about the Grimoire. He explained how the Grimoire talked about having no master and such.

I had my doubt about whether giving the Grimoire to Vonliostro was a wise course of action, since Purple Wizards are also called Necromancers, and Necromancers are usually trouble. I had thought perhaps hiding the Grimoire would be best but both V and Morhann seemed to think it should be given to Vonliostro, so I kept those thought to myself. I hope I don’t regret doing so. We then proceeded to give Cephalon to Vonliostro and he gave use 400 gold to share amongst ourselves.

I hope that doesn’t come back to bite us in the future. Morhann also asked Vonliostro about his former life and we discovered he used to be an Elf.

Before leaving town, we decided to look around and see if anyone needed help. We were directed to the town elder, Helja, who had apparently complained about some sort of beast in the wilds. As we headed to Helja’s place, we were stopped by some magical runes. Walking on them was painful and on top of that pain, we were accused of trespassing. After explaining ourselves to her, she deactivated the tunes and let us pass. We asked about the beast and she explained that something had uprooted the Tree of Fertility and dragged it off somewhere.

The Tree of Fertility? Is that a religious thing for these people? I’ve never heard of a Tree of Fertility before. after getting he details we headed to where Helja pointed us and noticed bestial tracks and some broken trees.

I decided to change into a cat and tracked down the creature by it’s scent. We came to a rather deep cave. I entered first and started exploring alone. There were a large number of trees that looked as though they’d been taken from the forest and hastily planted in the dirt of the cave. Eventually I came across a strange creature, unlike anything I’d seen. It looked like a hybrid bear-lizard, with an exoskeleton. It was near the Tree of Fertility.

The creature appeared to be sick. Perhaps it dragged the tree here to help heal it? when I got closer to investigate its mate attacked me. V and Morhann entered the cave and the three of us fought the creature. It almost killed me and hurt Morhann quite a bit. We ended up defeating the creature and its mate.

After the battle, we decided to heal the creatures, they were just defending their territory and they had a couple of babies. The male probably just thought the Tree of Fertility, due to it’s magical nature, would help his mate. I decided to investigate the female’s illness. It turns out it had some sort of root stuck in it’s throat and it was slowly suffocating. I managed to get the root out and the female seemed to get better.

The root smelled rather awful, but I decided to keep it, in case it had a use later. I’m glad we didn’t kill those creatures. We got the Tree out of the cave and headed back to town with it. We returned it to Helja and were paid.

Today has been good so far.

Session 2 - Cephalon

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