Session 16 - Secrets are Secrets for a reason

The Few began the session finishing the Springborne Soul Travelling Circus Family’s Show, having a final improv show with debatable results. A bull and dire crows were released which livened things up.

After this, the Few had a bit of a shopping spree, talking to folks around town and a large group of dwarves in the Cornucopa. Notable dwarves were; Ser Voland, Baldwyn, Orsik, Oskar and Rangrim.

They decided to start doing some missions around town, running into a very pissed off Captain Lightfoot of the ship Featherfighter.

They then took the road west to the Witchwood to hunt ogres. They found the old Abbey, overrun with the undead and some kind of cultist wheel inside, attached to the corpse of a member of the Church of Salvation.

Past this, they found a stream where an ogre nest was inside the waterfall. Around this was some Sahuagin warbands, and four ogres soon to be dead.

After much strategy they sieged the ogres inside the nest. Something awakened inside the Few, energy reminiscent of the Cruel Angel, those familiar dancing lights.

The session ended with the Few facing down Old Lansel Mansion. The parting words? “Lets burn it down.”

Session 16 - Secrets are Secrets for a reason

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