To Be Done

Completed – The Handsome Few


-Killed the Tundra Bandits north of Allindor, ended with the Few encountering the Zhentarim and a Manticore, they promptly died and encountered Tauv’lan.

-Found Mr Locksey, Katie’s pet pig. He was in the sewer’s being claimed by Jiggles the Troll, a mimic troll.


-Foragers have gone missing to the south of the forest, they met Quiana, a medusa who accidentally petrified her husband, Niellen, and a few villager boys. The Few bought a scroll of de-enchantment and un-petrified them.

-To the north of the forest was some slain hunters, Druid Frikka was discovered whom requested that the village return to the old ways of hunting, rather than use of deceit and such. Tauv’lan thusly arranged this with Lothric and Eskel.

-Thaler the Cobbler went missing, he was discovered to be about to be eaten by a trio of rock trolls in the east forest. The Few distracted the troll to let him escape, and them to be nearly slain. They recovered only to find him spinning the story before fleeing town.

-A man in the center of town was being hung unjustly and another, Vargas, to be burnt alive. The Few discovered that the Church of Salvation had symbiotes controlling them, thusly slew them, then overran their church. They redecked the church into Sanctuary.

-Ironkeep was overrun by Netherlings, the Few raided it, killed Carnassial Undyne, killed Vashnear and freed the women of Goddard’s Lodge.


-Tauv’lan went to the King’s Library to discover that one of the automatons was tampered with, and had the Hymn of Durin. Upon returning to his room at The Cornucopia, a Black-Pudding slime was discovered inside. The Hymn of Durin was then stolen in the confusion.

-Also thanks to Tauv’lan, he helped a lonely halfling Sydel gain some confidence in themself and ask out the dwarf of their dreams, Captain Lightfoot. Joy.

-They fought ogres in the Witchwood, and defeated them for Peregrin.

-They battled all manner of creature in the depths of the Catacombs and encountered Brador of the Church of Salvation. However, it didn’t end how they wanted, with what looked like a killing stroke against King Anduril.

-The Few went to Old Lansel Mansion and defeated two warbands of goblins from the Legion of Morag. It was a hard series of fights, but it ended with them recovering a large amount of loot from Lansel’s vault.

-The Few, with the help of Khuligar of Forossa and Valrim of Heide, defeated the Black-Gold Griffin.


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