Rightly called Paradiso is the paradise of sailors, vagabonds and outcasts. It is north-east of Dawnforge by a few weeks. It is in the centre of the trading route between Carthus, Aerrune and Dawnforge.

One half, the warmer side, is colonised, comprised of many inns and taverns where cragsmen and merchants come to share tales and sell rare goods. There is no leader, merely those looking for a cheap drink.

The other half, however, is riddled with dungeons and caverns where smugglers keep their goods, local monsters and bandits keep these protected.

A group of Coastal Druids live here, studying the ways of the Empty White.

“Kind friends and companions
come join me in rhyme,
come lift up your voices,
in chorus with mine.
Come lift up your voices,
all grief to refrain,
For we may or might never
All meet here again.”

Popular Cragsman shanty, “The Parting Glass”

- Cragtown
- Benteng

- The Welcoming Wench
- The Reaver’s Roost
- Three Drunken Monks
- The Sleeping Cat
- Tonight
- School of the Black Flag

- Nilodemus Harroway
- Kolimant and Korugar Harroway
- Cassidy
- Nico
- Bonefinger
- Octane
- Rourke
- Kermstone Aregar
- Thaler

Locations (Discovered thus far)
- The Sunken Forest
- Westdragon Castle
- Deepshriek Cove
- Old Prosperity


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