Mihanji, the exotic jungle paradise, many alchemists and writers come here to relax and practice their craft. Miners and craftsmen come to harvest the mythril ore deep in the earth or the Mihanj trees laced with Stardust.

Tabaxi come from here, trading with newcomers and hitching rides into the mainlands.

Beautiful, tall brown trees with massive palms the size of men are what the Tabaxi make their homes in.

The island is quite large, covered in hills, valleys, rivers and lush greenery. Several clans of tabaxi live here in relative peace. Deeper in the wilds is the outcast clan, the Manus and a myriad of strange beasts.

Tabaxi Clans
- Abyssinian
- Serval
- Bengal
- Ocelot
- The Manus

- Hansa; a port-town in Warmwater Bay, serves as a major trading post.
- Jugo; large tabaxi town on the edge of the Snaketail Wild, many clans live here bar the Manus. It is in the center of the four clan homes, serving as a neutral trading town.
- Lively Falls; mining town on the edge of the Glittering River by a waterfall, harvests mythril and stardust.
- Culebra; Abyssinian clan home
- Sauro; Serval clan home
- Bahndara; Bengal clan home
- Prosperine; Ocelot clan home, built on the side of a waterfall
- Black Root Town: Manus clan home, location somewhere in the Snaketail Wild

Places of Import
- Warmwater Bay
- The Glittering River
- Snaketail Wild
- Rainy Basin
- Blackwood Flats
- Dragonfly Coast
- Poseidos
- The Old Lake

- Each clan, bar the Manus (for we know not their methods) are lead by three tabaxi; the Cripple, the Fangtalon and the Wild.
- The Cripple is an elder that is crippled in some facet, usually blind or mute.
- The Fangtalon is a warrior-general that focuses on dealing with other races and troubles on the island
- The Wild is a youth, usually the child of the Fangtalon or Cripple, that gives a perspective no-one else considers.

- Tabaxi found themselves born upon this island in the late stages of the Age of Rebirth.
- Originally began with the Abyssinian Clan of Tabaxi and the wild at an uneasy standstill.
- The beasts there are natural savages and warriors, but the Tabaxi not only match them in ferocity but maintained friendships with outside nations.
- Eventually the Abyssinians split into smaller clans due to the natural Tabaxi desire to learn and explore. The Abyssinians maintain pride in resisting these lesser instincts.
- The other clans continued to form due to more and more disagreements with how to use the resources of Mihanji. Regardless they maintained their friendships, bar the Manus.
- The Manus were formed due to disagreements with the highest order in Mihanji, the Tabaxi Code, the Numenara.
- However it is believed the Manus are small in numbers due to the conditions of the Snaketail Wild and whatever other beasts lurk there.

- The Manus are a clan of outcasts, painting themselves black as the ultimate disrespect; hiding their true clan colours.
- Major exports are; Mihanj wood, stardust, gems, mythril and several alchemical plants and herbs that grow here.
- The Snaketail Wild is a massive expanse of rainforest and mountains where kobolds are the most common threat. Other beasts roam here among Zrushicts and the Manus.
- Abyssinian’s believe they are royalty from being the first clan on Mihanji, their leaders are all related to a long dynasty. They have strict codes of honour and wish to contest their natural urge to adventure, as they believe this is the most lesser of all instincts. Their clan jewel is a ruby.
- Bengal are wild, free and pursuers of imagination and adventure. They are the largest clan, they are mostly explorers, wanderers and explorers. Their clan jewel is a sapphire.
- Serval are inquisitive and curious of lore and knowledge, seeking it to influence their clan’s place in the world. Their clan jewel is an emerald.
- Ocelot are mysterious, having mastery over the strange ores, Stardust and metals found on Mihanji. They are artists and craftsmen, building homes, weapons and arts for themselves and fellow clans. Their clan jewel is a topaz.
- The Numenara is the code written by Unfading Soul, the First Fangtalon. It describes how different tabaxi choose to live their lives by their birthrights; Abyssinians cannot leave to adventure and explore due to their status as royalty, Bengal must explore and bring back knowledge and information about the world, and so on.


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