The home of the Warborn, a human culture based on the belief that they are born dead, and that death is the greatest freedom.
Each isle has its own clan and leader, yet one High King rules over all.
Arl’Skellig is south-east of Dawnforge, it is swathed with large forests, snow-covered mountains and harsh, broken coasts forming the Isle.

Each island is home to a different clan, as well as many monsters. The Warborn are a tough folk, surviving despite the cruel conditions and lurking beasts.

“Skeggold! Skalmold! Skelgordnir kloifinir!”

Warborn battlecry

“Take me down to the riverbend,
Take me down to the fighting end.
Wash the blood off my skin,
Tell the world of my sins.”

Warborn funeral song

Island Regions


The Basics

- Home to Clan Ruiguhn
- In Tal-Vashtoth, translates to “Blood-hunger”
- Berenike is the south-west isle, making it a trading hub with outsiders.
- It primarily trades in furs, skins, parts from the native monsters and rare minerals in his glacier-mines.
- Home to the Black Mountain, a structure made by mortals from the Old World, worshipping dark things.
- Famous for the Fallen’s Rest, or Frullenfall, a dreamscape located in a cave near Brokvar.

Figures and Fame

- Lead by Giantslayer Lugos
- The serial killer Vordt is from Brokvar. He was famous for quite some time for killing many but only “those who deserved it.” The community is divided on how to treat him still.

- Port Wyrmwood: Major port and trading town.
- Geidnith: Druid town dedicated to worship of the land.
- Uldaryk
- Brokvar: a sizeable fishing and mining town built near Frullenfall.


The Basics

- Heavy tundra and forest with treacherous ice-covered lakes
- Home to Firbolg clan Clokabrogdr, the Cloaked.
- The clan is famous for its Oathbreakers, an army of criminals and bandits turned warriors on penalty of death.
- Boys who reach a warrior’s age are subjected to a painful tattooing ritual where Crollth bugs crawl over their skin leaving behind a painful blue acid that stains. The ritual can last an hour to several.

Figures and Fame
- Clan is Gottheim, lead by Madman Tark.


- Breikr-duir: Large port town and capital of the isle, built on the edge of the Falltinbras Forest.
- Kalbaek
- Innrihollmir
- Toftir


The Basics

- Rolling hills, thick forests and monster-ridden swamps make Frisia deadly and beautiful both.
- Has a serious draconid problem, the warriors here decorate themselves with the bones of the slain.

Figures and Fame

- Clan is Gaiseric, led by Dragonsbane Edmun.


- Dragonhold: The capital, a fortress built in the Goldebrugge, a large mountain.
- Langwaithe: A town built around a lighthouse on a small isle off the west coast.
- Arinbjorg: A coastal town built near a massive dragon graveyard. Nearby is the school of the Deathcrier.
- Harviken:


The Basics

- The most frostbitten land in Arl’Skellig, covered in glaciers, surrounded by ice and drowned in snow and sleet.
- A clan of Firbolg, the Kappebrogdr, live in the frost-bitten hills.
- Heavy use of druid magic to help with living in an arctic climate.
- Got the name Pale Tongue (Pailyle Trun’ginuun – Heroic Saviour) from when Heyzel the Scythe, a druid-wizard, saved the life of High King Glorfindel from an assassin.

Figures and Fame

- Clan is Pale Tongue, ruled by High King Eygon the Firegiant


- Ko’mede: The capital of Midgard and technically Arl’Skellig.
- Lovoken
- Ergenrot
- Storadimun
- Dargrakken


The Basics

- The smallest of the isles, was never properly colonised due to ogroid and jotun problems.
- Extremely mountainous and treacherous
- Home to warring storm, frost and hill giants.


Schools of Learning

- School of the Deathcrier, located in Frisia.
- School of the Bear (Wulfhorden) located in Midgard
- School of Iriward, located in Undvik.


- High King Eygon currently rules, deciding major factors such as trade agreements and war plans.
- Despite his right as High King, clan Elders still have bouts of conflict.
- Each clan is individually ruled by an Elder, this causes in-fighting and civil wars as they bicker over who gets to be High King next.
- Elders are decided every 10 years, in tests of strength and leadership.
- Challengers for the throne of the Elder are usually family, but the Warborn value honour above all else, and see anyone as being viable to be Elder and possibly High King if they prove themselves.

Shared Cultural Nuances

- You and your friends yell “Blod!” in a bar, the retort is “Torst!” from another group of friends
- Starts with drinking and ends in fighting

- A beast spirit that lives in every Warborn
- It can be many animals, but its size and power depends on the Warborn’s mental and physical strength
- When a Warborn dies, the Luonto leaves. If he is resurrected, it may not return
- Warborn mages and druids use theirs to cast spells

- When a Warborn is slain, place his skull in a designated skull-tree, so that Durin may reach it easily


- Believed to have been created when Durin fell to Starsong.
- Durin’s Eye became Midgard, his Heart to be Berenike, his Sword to be Sandvik and his Fist to be Frisia.
- Clans warred constantly amongst themselves and each other for domination over the isles.
- Glorfindel was the first High King, leading the once savage tribes into peace and prosperity.
- Glorfindel was believed to be the first born of Durin and Freya, and began to spread their word and love, preaching the joys of battle and peace both.
- Several civil wars have begun and ended since between the clans.
- They banded together and began raiding Dawnforge and Carthus, occasionally making the long trip to Boletaria
- They were marked by the other continents for death, but the clans would stand together and their strength at sea-based combat would show
- Despite enemy airships and draconids, the Warborn had counter-measures for all, despite being relatively low-tech and priding themselves on only using druidic and cleric magic
- It is said Durin himself would watch these fights, laughing above with each lightning strike that would fell an airship or split a ship asunder
- Eventually treaties were signed and the Warborn continued to raid each other, wishing they could be invaded again
- The Battle of Berenike took place on the Somath of the year 4388 and lasted a week, from the 2nd Morphis to the 2nd Suredas. It ended with the death of Sheraptus, but also the death of Tauv’lan Worgen, who is buried underneath a great tree with the following words;

“Here lies an Elf with the soul of a Warborn, who died defending a land that wasn’t his. May our gods be friends, for our heavens are shared forever.”


- The Hellmouth is located in the Black Mountain of Berenike, where Durin’s Heart rests. The story goes is that it opens directly to the Abyss when opened.
- Ko’Mede is the capital of Arl’Skellig in Midgard, where each High-King rules.
- Undvik is a small island off the coast of Berenike, recently overrun by trolls, it holds the School of Iriward, where blacksmiths go to become masters of the trade.
- School of the Bear is a Wulfhorden School located in Midgard.
- School of the Deathcrier is a Bard school, teaching the ancient acts of Warborn music.
- Berenike is home to a group of giants and goliaths called the Vardlings, very violent but open to peace and trade.
- The clans each speak a different dialect but they can understand each other aside from Clan Gaiseric, which sounds like gibberish to the other clans.


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