The home of the Warborn, equally the most peaceful and violent culture. Each isle has its own clan and leader, yet one High King rules over all.
Arl’Skellig is south-east of Dawnforge, it is swathed with large forests, snow-covered mountains and harsh coasts.

Each island is home to a different clan, as well as many monsters. Each land is harsh, harsher still given the conditions.

“Skeggold! Skalmold! Skelgordnir kloifinir!”

Warborn battlecry

“Take me down to the riverbend,
Take me down to the fighting end.”

Warborn funeral song

Island Regions

Major Areas
-The Black Mountain
-School of the Deathcrier
-School of the Bear
-School of Iriward

-Clan Gottheim lead by Madman Tark in Sandvik
-Clan Ruhguhn lead by Giantslayer Lugos in Berenike
-Clan Paletongue lead by King Eygon in Midgard
-Clan Gaiseric lead by Dragonsbane Edmun in Frisia

-High King Eygon rules, deciding major factors such as trade agreements and war plans.
-Each clan is individually ruled by an Elder, this causes in-fighting and civil wars.
-Elders are decided every 10 years, in tests of strength and leadership.

-Believed to have been created when Durin fell to Starsong.
-Durin’s Eye became Midgard, his Heart to be Berenike, his Sword to be Sandvik and his Fist to be Frisia.
-Glorfindel was the first High King, leading the once savage tribes into peace and prosperity.
- The Battle of Berenike took place on the Somath of the year 4388 and lasted a week, from the 2nd Morphis to the 2nd Suredas. It ended with the death of Sheraptus, but also the death of Tauv’lan Worgen, who is buried underneath a great tree with the following words;

“Here lies an Elf with the soul of a Warborn, who died defending a land that wasn’t his. May our gods be friends, for our heavens are shared forever.”

-The Hellmouth is located in the Black Mountain of Berenike, where Durin’s Heart rests.
-Ko’Meed is the capital of Arl’Skellig in Midgard, where each High-King rules.
-Undvik is a small island off the coast of Berenike, recently overrun by trolls, it holds the School of Iriward, where blacksmiths go to become masters of the trade.
-School of the Bear is a Midgard Adventurer and Witcher school.
-School of the Deathcrier is a Bard school, teaching the ancient acts of Warborn music.
-Berenike is home to a group of giants and goliaths called the Vardlings, very violent but open to peace and trade.


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