Sleepless in Starsong

Session 15

"The Undercity."

Today, the Few, still stuck in the Catacombs of Ral’Eldas, split up and went through it, before encountering the Church of Salvation, a group of cultists lead by Brador, a wood elf. He wished to enter the Undercity, whatever that may be.

They also teleported the King to the Catacombs, where he fought and easily slew a handful of cultists and a golem, but Brador used his Brimstone Scythe to cut a swath into the King’s heart.

Kharik watched as the King was resurrected, brought back from the edge of death by a blade that leaves no room for recovery.

The Few also found out that Baeloth was transported to The Deathrow, and swapped with a doppler by The Caretaker.

They uncovered some loot, including; Amulet of Khetashe, Covetous Gold Serpent Ring, Red Tearstone Ring, Hornet Ring , Cloak of the Innocuous and the Drang weapons, the Twinaxes and Twinhammers.

The session ended with the Few at the Springborne Soul Travelling Circus Family, where they performed for the people of the city.

The Few will return in Session 16.


loyaltilltheend loyaltilltheend

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