The Factions

Thieve’s Guilds

The Jackals
-Born out of Boletaria, they are a contingent of thieves and rogues.
-Recognisable by their black leathers and porcelain masks.
-Symbol is the mouth of a jackal.
-Numbers are low, but masterful, they are primarily in Boletaria.

“A beggar’s a beggar, copper for a servant, silver for a lord and gold for the master.”

Common Jackal phrase, uttered before performing a deal.

-The Serpent of Dawnforge, they are bandits, highwaymen and murderers.
-Recognisable by their forest-green leathers, faces painted with skulls and love of money.
-Symbol is a head of a serpent
-Goal is to rob, pillage and murder.

“We are Zhentarim! Kamakrazee Zhentarim!”

Common Zhentarim warcry, usually done after ingesting Oloore dust.

The Clasp
-A thieves guild similar to the Jackals, but less in number and less remote.
-Professional face-stealers and masters of disguise, they have no known symbol or affiliation, but they are known to be in Dawnforge, Boletaria and Aerrune.

The Hand of Ranald
- A thieves guild, primarily smugglers and cragsmen, though a few assassins and mages are among them.
- They are proud of their guild, and do not hide in the shadows like Clasp and Jackals.
- Individual members are known as Fingers, and have special designations such as Yellowfinger, Ringfinger, etcera.
- Recognisable by them missing fingers, usually at least two.

Religious Sects

-Mysterious servants of dark magic.
-Recognisable by their skeleton-armour appearance.
-Goal is unknown, but cause massive damage to small communities and wanderers.
-Symbol is a black orb covered in dark tentacles.

-Followers of the Death-God of Time, Gevrauche
-They wear burlap outfits that cover every inch of skin, and carry lanterns
-They inhabit morgues and many churches to take care of the dead
-Goal is to make sure all the dead are cared for

Church of Salvation
-A world-wide cult that worships an unknown deity they refer to as “The Saviour.”
-Recognisable by their love of flames, hanging and public executions.
-Physically recognisable by their red and white robes.

Healers of Talanas/Talanites
-A group of clerics and paladins dedicated to healing and aiding the poor and downtrodden.
-Followers of Talanas wear blue and white cloth and armour.
-Often butt heads with the Knights of the Holy Allfather as they have seperate methods to their goals.

The Red Lords
- From Zul-Bhasir, they study the Way of Endless Pain

Arcana Guilds

The Venarium
- A Boletarian group of “Librarians” sorcerers devoted to understanding and protecting magic.
- Recognisable by their desert-worn leather gear, wide-brimmed hats and cruel eyes.
- Stationed in Boletaria in towers; Prime, Legacy, Victory, Royal and Crown.
- Goal is to contain the wild, insane forms of magic.

Arcanus Anonymae
-A group of secretive mages with a love of magic items and loot.
-Trade magic items via secret locations and stashes.
-Goal is unknown, but guessed to be just for the amusement of casters.

-The owners of the schools of Music, they are bards by trade and nature.
-Symbol is a blue flag and a harp.
-Goal is to live for music, song and beauty and share their art.

The Alcove
-A group of alchemists, hard to contact, neutral in nature.
-Goal is unknown but may be to continue their work in peace.

-Strange merchants and explorers of planes of existence. Some say they travel through time too.
-Notable known members are; Rezifor, Domnhall of Zena and Old Man Davalog.
-Goal is unknown but due to their love of loot they may just do it for money.
- Created by Plannir the Seeker many ages ago.

Druid Circles
-There are many druid groups scattered all over Starsong.
-They are;
Swamp Clan – Lives in the Jagged Swamp and Muckrun Marsh.
Forest Clan – Lives in Heide and The Dreamwalker’s Forest.
Mountain Clan – Lived in the east mountains of Dawnforge, now decimated, another remains in Oolacile.
Frost Clan – Lives in Geidnith and Caath.
Desert Clan – Lives in the Suntorn Waste.
Grassland – Lives in the Gransys Plains.
Underdark – Lives in Ungoliant and Absentia.
Coast – Lives in Paradiso and Temris.
Plague – Lives in the Heretic’s Gap and Carthus.
Chaos – Lives in Molvis.

Wizard Schools
- Very rigid and imperial groups of Wizards
- Stick to themselves in schools or wander the lands
- Usually an apprentice + teacher duos.
- Schools are the following;
Ikonos – The study of Chronomancy, magic that affects time
Gire (Grey) – The study of magic that affects perception
Mist – The study of illusory magics
Purple – The study of necromancy and death
Salt – The study of creation and manipulation of matter
Reader – The study of the mind through unholy and cruel methods
Seko – The study of the Rift and Riftwalking.
Dra’ag – …
Green – The study of Transmutation
Fulvous – The study of thaumaturgy and mechanical magic
Xanthin – The creation of private planes called “Painted Worlds”
Golden Sun – The study and creation of magic items
War – The study of destructive and combat magic
Terullion – The study of non-lethal combat magic
Paper – The study of mastery over the air and its currents
Navigation – The study of teleportation
Provos – The study of the planes and the Kosmos

Mercenary Guilds

-A group of mercenaries based out of Aerrune.
-They are the ones who nobles and kings hire for the dirtiest of work under the harshest circumstances.
-Famous for conquering unknown parts of Carthus and Aerrune.
-Recognisable by different coloured chains adorning their shoulders, clean shaven heads and interesting tattoos.

“In darkness, I shall be light.
In times of doubt, I shall keep faith.
In throes of rage, I shall hone my craft.
In vengeance, I shall have no mercy.
In the midst of battle, I shall have no fear.
In the face of death, I shall have no remorse.”

Oath of the Occulter, tattooed upon the sergeants.

Pawn Guild
- Groups of adventurers who band together in Pawn Guilds throughout all of Starsong, but mostly in Dawnforge.
- They have a ranking system; from starting adventurers to those who have done work for kings and lords.
- A copper adventurer is only starting, while a gold one is well-versed in the business.

“No life without glory, no death without honour, no friend without friends, no Job too dangerous. No gods, no kings, only heroes.”

The Motto of the Pawns

- A group of monster-hunters, they are recognisable by their dark leathers, coats and distinct hats, they are often covered in blood.
- They are also infamous for use of uncommon weapons such as whips, poisons and often go shieldless.
- They have mutant fighters known as Blood Hunters in their ranks, typically in leadership or glass cannon roles.
- They own the School of the Wolf, School of the Lion and School of the Bear.

“I am Koroimar. I am the teeth in the darkness, the talons in the night. Mine is strength, and lust, and power. I am WULFHORDE!”

Koroimar Wulfhorde the First, at the Breach of the Rykenhill

The Lost Sinners
- Less of a faction and more of a way of life, they come from the Shadow Fort in Carthus.
- They never leave Carthus, they only wait for traders to come to sell their loot and restock.
- They are mostly mad and cannot be trusted.
- Recognisable by their iron or gold masks that hide their disfigured faces.
- Lead by Angel, the Original Sin.
- Ranks are the following, in ascending order; Sinless, Iron Angel, Gold Lord.

“Show me how to die!”

Common Lost Sinner warcry

Wanderers of the Way
-A group of messengers, traders and outcasts.
-They are followers of Khetashe.
-Recognisable by their sweeping longcoats and travelling garb.

Company of Champions
-Not very well known but they can state their heroic deeds in number.
-A group of “champions,” they seek to challenge themselves however they see fit.
-Recognisable by their blue-stone rings with the symbol of their guild, a star.

The 22
-Comprised of groups of amnesiac adventurers, they are simply the 22.

“There is no peace for people like us.”

Anri Jillianwood

- Translates from Draconic to “The Handymen.”
- What they actually do is unknown, they operate in cities and towns
- What brings them together and what purpose they serve is unknown, but they help when they can

Other Guilds/Factions

Men of Farron
-A group of blacksmiths, craftsmen and artists.
-Farron, the leader, has gone into hiding.

Springborne Soul Circus Family
-A group of bards, acrobats, strongmen and performers.
-Based out of Dawnforge but they travel to the civilised islands and continents.

-Several groups of sailors, pirates and merchants.
-They are comprised of; The Seasworn, Deepwaters, Slaveborn and Gold-Driven.
-Seasworn are the pirates, recognisable by heavy tattooing and cruel nature.
-Deepwaters are cultists of the Sea-Mother, Zamanthras. Recognisable by their gills and webbed hands and feet.
-Slaveborn are ex-slaves of Boletaria, recognisable by their shackles and chains that they wear as a mockery.
-Gold-Driven are the merchants, recognisable by their adornment of necklaces, gold teeth and jewellery.
-Goals differ, but they all respect the sea and the circle of life, loot and death.
-Name comes from the belief that Zamanthras, the Sea Mother, was born from crags deep within the heart of Azarus, underneath the sea. Cragsmen translates literally from “Men of the Crags.”


The Inquisition
-Founded by Bishop Morne many decades ago.
-Recognisable by their tall, inhuman persons, white cloaks and masks.
-They are used all over Starsong for horrible devices and techniques.
-There is another regiment of the Inquisition called Order Xenos, a group of black-clad witchhunters and anti-magic users, led by Captain Victor Saltzpyre, they are devoted followers of Sigmar and are given away by their distinct tall-hats and images of the comet of Sigmar.

Knights of Heide
-Recognisable by their short stature, wearing wooden splint armour and wielding long faintly curved blades.
-Use a combination of magic and blades to defend their home of Oolacile.
-They are blinded by ancient magical technique, which hones their ability in combat to a fine point but they still suffer all the consequences of blindness.

Knights of the Holy Allfather
- A sect of holy cleric knights and paladins who folllow The Allfather.
- Recognisable by their plate armour, chained in tapestry and writings.
- Leader is Farnese Vandelimon.
- Established in Dawnforge, but currently reside in Aerrune.

“Who are we?”
“The Necessary Evil.”
“Why are we necessary?”
“To purge the world of Evil worse than man.”
“And why are we our God’s chosen few, ordained to undertake this unholy task?”
“Because no-one else will.”

Warcry of the Knights of the Holy Allfather

The Blackguard
- An army that was created by the Nameless King of Kar’Hi
- They are dead elves clad in black, impossible to kill
- They were resurrected by King Anduril the Imlirith to wage the new war afoot

The Hounds
- Defenders of Muraska, they are the sworn enemies of the Sainites, Karnerians and Jackals.
- Once led by Imone, the Houndmistress, now slain and leaving Muraska in tatters.
- Recognisable by their pale white steel armour.

The Brothers of Stone
- The army of Karneria, Boletaria
- Follow Daeon the Craftsman as a holy army in his name
- Recognisable by their stone armour, formation-based tactics with an emphasis on phalanxes or shield-walls
- Their machine-cultists create and utilise siege golems and other creations they attest to Daeon
- Human Karnerians make up the majority, but there is still a significant amount of other races.

The Bloodbrows
- The army of Saine, Boletaria
- Follow Galatrine as a holy army in her name
- Recognisable by their animal coats and harsh weaponry, often made from what they can find.
- They utilise skirmish and footwar tactics, using the chaos of close-combat
- They use Skraws, massive war-birds, as lancers or aerial support to rain firebombs from

The Sworn Blades
- The army of the Sword King in Dawnforge
- They are rough and tumble just like their king, always seeming to bounce back from battles with fervour and tenacity.
- Masters of siege, long engagements and magical warfare, they are assisted by warmages from Vinheim.
- Their magic artillery can devastate the hardest of men.
- The Sworn Blades is the generic term for the foot-army of Humanity, but it contains the Black Dogs and Crimson Riders.
- Mostly mixed races, they pride themselves on their endurance and courage

“Because my legs aren’t broken yet!”

Quoth Knight-General Valox the Lordvessel, before slaying the Serpent-Titan Lord Gandroth at the Battle of the Black Sun

The Black Dogs
- A small unit within the human army of Dawnforge
- They are all criminals sentenced to serve in the most dangerous and violent of encounters and battles
- Because of the nature of the Dogs, when they are let loose there is no telling what they will do
- They are apparently led by a demon, supposedly as its the only thing to keep them in check.

“Enjoyment and excitement!”

Warcry of the Black Dogs

The Crimson Riders
- An army in service to the Sword King of Dawnforge
- Made up of Orcs who ride on the backs of red wolves
- They are typically contained in the city of Gransys, and used in massive counter-attacks
- A rumour behind their service is that an old Orc Warking was saved by a Sword King, and swore his clan to a lifetime of servitude.

Knights of the Hammerlord
- The dwarf army in Kragal’Du’El
- Lead by General Grimtooth Zorin the Hound
- Proficient in defending their tunnels, usuing spears and greatshields to block invading goblins and beasts.
- Their crossbows can pierce the thickest of steel, while their siege engines and machines are terrifying in power.

The Vanquishing Trinity
- The army of the High Elf King in Dawnforge, currently King Anduril the Imlirith
- They answer directly to the High King or the Obsidian Gauntlet
- Many soldiers are half-elves to make up for the low amounts of High or Wood-Elves who take positions of leadership within.
- Six rotating companies, three off-duty and three on-duty, hence the name
- Companies are; Grey, Mountain, Star, Radiant, Heart, and Blind.
- Each company has four squads, all well-versed in multiple forms of combat and magic.
- The most famous company is Grey, for their successful battles in the Red Harvest, Whitetrees, the Siege of Gran Soren and the Battle of Berenike.
- Grey Company’s squads are; the Whoresons, Diredogs, Rooks and Knife-ears.

Goblinoid Legions
- Throughout Dawnforge there are several legions of goblinoids, sticking to camps and raided villages.
- They are split into warbands, lead by a hobgoblin Devastator.
- The individual legion is ruled by a Warlord.
- Each warband has goblins as the majority and fodder, bugbears for their stealthy capabilities and strong-arms, and hobgoblins as the elite.
- Legions include; Yinerv, Rott, Morag, Grankhul and Ghoz.

The Pale Shades/Harlots
- The secretive army of Londor
- Shades are master swordsmen and assassins, recognisable by their intricately carved steel masks.
- Harlots are witches of intense power and chaos, one can see their effects by looking at the earthquakes and lightning storms decimating Carthus

“We are a blade ever sharp, a storm ever brewing, a slave to no god, king or man. We are the death-song ever moving to the drums of chaos.”

A phrase from the first warning to Duke Carsejaw of Carim after the Witchhunts.

The Pardoners
- The secretive army of Carim
- They are small but are inarguably the most terrifying force alive
- They can counter any magic, any tactic and siege any city with no casualties
- They are impossible to notice due to their lack of uniform, breaching cities from within.

“Give me ten good men, climbing spikes and I’ll impregnate the bitch.”

Quoth Ser Frol’n, in reference to their siege tactics.


The Vandelimon Merchant Trading Company
-Biggest enterprise of Starsong, born in Aerrune.
-Merchants are recognisable by their black and white pinstripe robes, and their black and white airships or merchant ships.
-Current owner is Einsfeld and his wife Duchess Turia.
-Goal is for the Vandelimon family to rule every corner of Starsong, evident from the amount of family members with their hands in pockets of rulers, traders and bishops.

The Bloodwise Brotherhood
- Stationed in Boletaria, mostly in Muraska and Majula
- Sellers and manufacturers of drugs distilled from the bloods of many beasts, men and monsters
- Owned and run by Couthi
- Bloods are mixed with a variety of herbs, other drugs or even spices and foods.

The Cianfienilli Family
- Large real estate operation owned by House Cianfienilli, born out of Aerrune
- Own properties throughout Aerrune, Dawnforge and some in Boletaria.

The Factions

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