The Arcane

“The world is made of Light, Sky, Fire and Dark. Without these, we are nothing but children grasping in the dark. We make our gods, just as they made our world.”

Archmage Scissorgrin, Understanding the Kosmos: 1:1

The Secrets of the Arcane

- When the mortals were gifted the Annals of the Kosmos by the Eight Scribes, written within were thousands of pages of Tal-Vashtoth.
- It is revealed these are something called the Arcane Mysteries, which were to be deciphered by mortals.
- Wizards are taught the first few and must figure out the other thousand for themselves.
- Each mystery contains knowledge on new and different forms of magic, still to be deciphered.



- Use the “Venarie,” an energy they are born with in their internal organs.
- Entirely random chance to be born with this in ones organs, many farmsteads and small villages have one or two sorcerers born into the family.
- The Venarie is believed to be inherited from the Rift, curses or from Draconic ancestry.


- Make pacts with gods, fey or demons to imbue them with power.
- As you can imagine there are so many immaterials in this world that the average warlock has many to choose from, or to be chosen.
- Often a Warlock will not know who their Patron is. This is to establish “true” control over the warlock, as the Patron will choose when to reveal themselves.


- Utilise the tears in worlds to shift and bend magic to their will through weaves and the flow of magic. They study these tears and learn to structure it through hard work and their personal form of magic.
- The words they speak are Tal-Vashtoth, the language of the Rift made material.
- They are taught in Schools; some are vague and teach one broad school of magic, others are specific and teach the exact science behind different forms of magic.


- Song, by definition, is magical. It is a form of the primordial creation magic, letting bards harness it much like wizards do.
- Bards are taught in Schools, like wizards, but less school-like. Many Colleges are just bards known as “Judges” that wander about the world, teaching magic.
- Some bards can even be taught by a Song Demon, a very rare and extraordinary thing.

Clerics and Paladins

- Following the teachings of churches, they tell stories of gods in ancient tongues to harness their power. Their souls are also bound to their gods, letting gods use the tears.


- Similar to Clerics and Paladins, they follow the teachings of monasteries to physically implant magic into their bodies.
- These implants are usually in the form of tattoos or markings.

Druids and Rangers

- Several planes of magic harness the power of nature, from these druids and rangers can harness said magic through nature on the Material plane.

Schools of Magic


- Contains protective spells


- Creates manifestations of objects, creatures, or transports them via portals and planes.

- Calling
- Creation
- Healing
- Summoning
- Teleportation

Divination, School of the Mirror

- Learn secrets, find hidden things and foil deceptive spells.

- Scrying


- Affects the minds of others, influencing them or controlling their behaviour.

- Charm
- Compulsion

Evocation, School of War

- Manipulate energy to create destructive or some other form of energy.

Illusion, School of the Mist/ the Grey School

- Decieve others through senses or the mind.
- Mist wizards are general illusory wizards
- Grey wizards are masters of altering perception, similar to normal illusions but on a greater scale and more focused

Necromancy, the Purple School

- Manipulate the power of death and unlife.

Transmutation, the Green School

- Change the properties of some creature, thing or condition.

Other Fields of Magic

Magical Substances and Materials

Wild Magic

- An inescapable truth of Starsong, magical energy is random and feared for both blessings and curses.
- Due to the chaos of the world we live in, wild magic is a fact of every day.
- Whether this wildness be a eight-foot tall creature made out of salt, or a river of ooze, we have to live with it.

Magical item Creation

- Create magical items using the Oolacilian school of magic.
- If there’s one things the Oolacilians are good at, it’s Soul-magic, or the kinder word, The Flow of the Golden Sun.
- Magic items are so common due to the Age of Magic, where every noble had a pet mage and had them gather some slaves and harvest their souls to make some shoes that shine themselves.
- However this magic was soon regulated and enforced to only the experienced, and the Oolacilians are the most experienced.
- To create a magic item, you need a few things. Time, a soul (the different type of soul affects the quality and effect of the item, evil souls, lawful souls, monster souls etcera), a soul trapper (basically a gem, the better the gem the better the effect), a binding scroll (made by a mage that binds the purpose to the soul, so they understand better and don’t explode), a leyline (an observable tear inbetween worlds, different tears lead to different worlds and different effects), and a good, sturdy table imbued with infusion magic (thus using the leyline to infuse the item with the desired magic.)
- It can take minutes to years for the item to be fully infused.
- In summary; time, soul, trapper, scroll, leyline and infusing table.


- The art of Riftwalking.
- Not to be confused with Provomancy, which is the study of the Planes and Kosmos.
- The Rift can be opened through three methods, a spell like Planeshift, a Lapir Demon or a Ferrystone
- Lapir Demon’s are from several places in the Abyss, but they are essentially navigators for demons to pass through from one plane to the other, sometimes bringing an army.
- Ferrystones are made using Riftcrystals, they burn when they’re used but they’re instant.
- Handymen earned the name from wearing the shrivelled dead hands of Lapir Demons for planar travel. They’re not perfect but they work.
- Riftcrystals can be found in the Astral Plane
- There are fixed points in the rift called Ports, like hubs for travel. From here you can go anywhere in the Kosmos, however going to the Undying Lands or the Abyss requires an Infernal or Celestial Ferrystone.

The Soul

-Every individual is created with a soul, a physical part of the body that is a reflection of who they are. I have seen the soul of my oldest friend, it was bright and loud like a fire with enough fuel to last a week. I have also seen the soul of a demon. It was dark and absorbed light, tinged with the heat of Hell.
-When an individual dies, they can be resurrected by attempting to rebind the soul to their body.
-This, of course, creates problems. Souls are not meant to be rebound, they are lost, confused and angry. They want to leave.
-The further the Soul is from the body, the further decayed it becomes, so the Soul may be forced back in but with consequence.
-There is also fucked up people and magics who take Souls from the still-living and convince said Soul they are dead, and do what they want with them.
-Souls are also the primary component in creating magical items, as Souls are pure, unharnessed balls of magic, they only need to be trapped by gems and bound to an item.
-This creates a huge divide in the magic community, is it fair to gather Souls for science? Or is it denying a Soul’s passage into the next world?
-PS. DO NOT GRAB A SOUL WITHOUT PROPER TECHNIQUE. Magician did it once and now every few days he has to vomit slugs, and I smell smoke every time he goes for a piss.

The Arcane Weather of Starsong

Magical Tattoos

- Similar to magical items, imbuing inks and equipment with magic to implant this onto individuals

Dragon Relics

-The most common by definition is the Immortam Crystals, huge shards of magic made physical that the dragons used to power their cities and sciences.
-They, however, can be mined using their secrets.
-Where mortals use trappers to gather souls, imagine how many souls a dragon can gather with one of its Crystals.
-They make their own magical items we refer to as Dragon Relics, and they are powerful beyond belief. I heard that the continent of Yurimar was completely destroyed by a single relic.

Psionics, Psykomancy

-Truly, the only feared users of magic, since they read minds and can do whatever they want with them.
- Were the victims of the Poisoned Eye Crusade perpretrated by the Mad King Jaret.
- Believed to be a curse among many races


- I want to believe this belongs here, so here goes.
- Airships are our way of saying “Fuck you, gods!” Though the market is dominated by the Vandelimon Family, who own the mines where the ever so important Immortam Crystals that are used to power the ship’s anti-gravity stuff are.
- There are small ships that don’t even use Crystals, just lots of Floatwood, and they work alright.
- To work an airship, it needs an engine, i.e the Crystal, it needs something to hold the Crystal in place without suffocating it or letting to float too freely.
- It needs lightweight but strong wood, mythril as its light but strong and perfect for support, dwarven engine, steering mechanics, canvas for the sails, possibly rotors or gasbags or skywhale blubber or even cutting the crystal so it works on its own. And you need precise tools to make the whole thing work together.
- Average airship cost without furnishing or weaponry is 60,000 gold crowns.
- I recommend using Mihanj trees from Mihanji, they’re strong due to mythril residue mixed with stardust and perfect for the hull.


- The basis of life is death, to refuse death is to refuse the very ebb and flow of the will of the Gods.
- There are several forms of resurrection, some come under Necromancy though.
- As mentioned before, the Soul is what keeps us alive, the Spirit too but that’s different.
- To resurrect someone fully it must be within 24 hours of their death, the body must be completely intact and you must have a competent cleric with the required materials. The required materials are naturally extremely expensive, and if the body is moved too much then the soul moves further and further away.
- The dark magic way, usually completed if the body is missing parts, completely ash or is only a skeleton, is to draw the Prayer of Vecna, and sacrifice a living being, unwilling or otherwise. Of course this leads to issues with the more missing, the worse the source material, such as a tiefling coming back as a dwarf, or a kenku back as a goliath. The finer the flesh, in our case was indeed a young dragon, influences the quality of the resurrection.
- Gevrauche’s Debt, or the Debt of the Deathless, is when someone simply comes back from death with no memory of their meeting with the God of Death. They don’t sleep, barely eat, but still bleed. They then must pay their Debt by fulfilling their purpose here on Materia, then they just collapse, having paid their Debt.
- There is also the Gravegrabber Way, where you or a professional go to a trip to the Undying Lands or The Abyss and try to bring back the spirit to the body. Of course, they might be happy there, thus wasting a trip.
- I met a wanderer who was brought back from the Death Domain, he said that he still dreams of where he went, and that he gets sick more often and just doesn’t feel “all there.” He was brought back the conventional, holy way, so this concerns me as a man in a profession where we die a lot.

The Arcane

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