Starsong - The World

Starsong is a dangerous world, but well explored and well travelled.
Yet there’s some things forgotten, and some things yet to be found.
The world is yours.

“The most common and well-shared theory of Starsong’s creation and why it was called that is simply this; Gods love music. Music is the primordial form of magic. Where there was once a dying star, was revived in the song of immaterial beings from the Kosmos, hence the name; Starsong.”

Archmage Scissorgrin, “Understanding the Kosmos: 2:17”


- Dawnforge
- Boletaria
- Carthus
- Aerrune
- Drangleic
- Yurimar

Islands and Isles

- Arl’Skellig
- Temris
- Oolacile
- Molvis
- Caath
- Paradiso
- Colossa
- Mihanji
- Tessar
- Cyrail
- Gemseed
- Zena
- Zothique

Seas and Oceans

- The Abyssal Ocean
- The Empty White
- The Bleeding Sea
- The Rimyesea

- The Skylands
- The Great Pillars
- Amendaso
- Laerve
- Thorolund
- Persana

Starsong - The World

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