Session 21 - A Night in the Blightbog

The session started on the 4th Soliam of Death, and ended on the 4th Moltes.

Inside the cavern of the half-orc mage Whorefrost, they killed him and rescued Rezifor, hopefully ending the Zhentarim control over that area, and the subsequent outburst of an early frost.

Whorefrost knew naught of Mhurren’s father and the Heretic’s Gap, and died in alone in his dungeon.

They then went to Ironford and met a familiar face, Lothric. However he had killed the medusa Quiana and her husband Niellen in the town courtyard.

Eskel was inside Sanctuary, watching over it ever since the Few passed by. Frikka too, having no contact with the now dead Tauv’lan.

In Ironford there was some problems, one of which was a few murders done via bodkin arrows and slit necks. Their first suspicion was naturally Eskel, but they could not back this up.

Despite the warnings, they still continued to the Heretic’s Gap in search of Mhurren’s father.

They then prepared their ship with supplies, and set off to Arbor, a Dwarvish town on the outskirts of the Muckrun Marsh, since destroyed by whatever lurks there.

Outside of Arbor in the air, they were attacked by Captain Red Havoc, a mad red-skinned tiefling leading a group of suicidal sky pirates. They attacked and even destroyed their own ship without a care for their safety or the spoils of war.

The Worgen and Red Havoc’s ship crashed into the Blightbog in the dead of night, a thick swamp between Muckrun and the Gap, made of the corpses of the skirmishes and battles fought there.

The session ended with the horrifying sound of monstrous screaming, and the realisation that things were stalking them.

The Few will return in Session 22.

Session 21 - A Night in the Blightbog

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