Session 2 - From Clay

“At the center of the earth is the end of the world.”

Today is the 1st Soliam of Death, 4388.

The heroes, Ax, Dreyfus and Stavros remembered that another member of their unit was joining them. Enzo the Mercurial, a tabaxi paladin following no specific god, appeared, arriving off the ship the Dancing Dead, captained by Kaptin Jotuun Silvermane, a dwarf with silver hair and a crew of his family, fellow Silvermanes.

After a reunion involving an illusion of a mouse much to Enzo’s chagrin, they decided to show him around and took him the School of the Black Flag, a church-academy worshipping no specific god, but several ideas. Etora, the receptionist, told them of some things around town that needs doing.

These were;
- A ship has crashed on the east coast, spreading an evil miasma
- A wizard staying at the Lover’s Waycastle needs to pay rent
- The mountain to the north is smoking for some reason

The heroes went north to deal with the mountain, firstly the smoke emanating from it was sweet and full of citrus. Inside the Drop was a strange orange jelly that forced its way to Dreyfus’ maw, trying to suffocate him, while a gelatinous cube assaulted them head-on.

Ax managed to wrench the jelly out by putting Dreyfus to sleep. Dreyfus then threw the jelly into the cube, dissolving it, before Enzo used his divine power and smote the cube from the inside-out.

After this they found a nothic named Oslo, a quite annoying one, poking around the Drop, looking for dragons. They continued onwards, Dreyfus taking an instant dislike to the creature, and found several large lizards that Dreyfus also took a dislike too. He tazed one with shocking grasp, and found it extremely angry at this.

They continued to find a chasm with Oslo on the other side, but a doorway underneath the edge. Inside was a garden with Oslo and several lemon and orange trees.

What followed was an extremely strange interaction. Oslo switched between confused mania and some resemblance of sanity, as he requested the heroes to kill him. He mentioned a “Him” several times, only increasing the tension at the time. The heroes argued back and forth about how to proceed, with Oslo even trying to kill himself by forcing his fingernail into his brain.

A dragonman of glorious bronze entered, revealing himself to be an architect following in the footsteps of Sekura, a man who created islands and monsters. Oslo was a creation of the dragonman, named Fasilingerin, the False-Tooth, who claimed to have created Paradiso as well. False-Tooth even revealed himself as the sole survivor at the Battle of Wyrms, a little under a thousand years ago. Dreyfus decided to put Oslo out of his misery, as False-Tooth revealed he made Oslo, but could not create solid memories, making him appear insane.

The session ended with Fasilingerin agreeing to stop his work, and told them of the black-glass obelisk to the south where his study was located.

The heroes will return in Session 3.

Session 2 - From Clay

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