Session 19 - A Reminder

The Few accomplished much from the 3rd Luvos of Birth to the 3rd Ha’ub.

They got their Immortam Crystal from the gem mine near Ankorill and met up with Tsorigg Knight-Slayer from Grey Company.

One of the major issues at Ral’Eldas however was a large painted black hand with black veins, written underneath was “THE HAND OF GOD RETURNS.”

Sheraptus may have had something to do with this Hand of God, Vordt had no ideas, but reminded Strybjorn of the White Wolf and the Black Wolf both.

They then organised the creation of the final parts needed for the airship (sucking them dry financially) but with some price still required for the installation of these parts, so they decided to kill the Black-Gold Griffin.

However, talking to Dransun revealed how hard it is to kill a Black-Gold Griffin, as it “keeps coming back.”

They realised how under-prepared and under-armed they were, and enlisted the help of Khuligar of Forossa and Valrim of Heide. Their price? Meet Holden Cross in Oolacile and kill a witch.

Kharik also met Grumezar of Rosaria and stole a harpoon from him.

After a hard battle they killed the Black-Gold Griffin, it tossed its own tower into the sea and nearly killed the Few and their compatriots, however they managed to bring it down to the earth and slay it. They then weighed it down, prayed and threw it into the Abyssal Ocean.

With money in hand, they finished the purchase of their airship. Caxton and Hawkwood installed it, tinkering for hours. They finished it, and The Worgen was born. A Goldfish class traveller airship, powered by an extremely powerful Immortam Crystal.

Strangely enough, aboard the ship was another painted black hand, with the same writing and black veins.

They then decided to transport a few lost souls among the women of Allindor.

These stragglers are; Deeks of the Occulter and two of his lackeys, Vargach of the Tar Marsh, Left-Handed Hummingbird, Fournival and Vordt.

The Few will return in Session 20.

Session 19 - A Reminder

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