Session 17 - The Legion of Morag

The session began with the Few outside Old Lansel Mansion, ready to fight the goblin Legion of Morag.

The Few took to assaulting the Mansion, fighting bugbears and goblins until they met Devastator Alfa and his minions, Deva and Bugu, a quickling and a barghest. The battle was harsh and long, the Few going unconcious several times.

The session ended with the deaths of the currently stationed Legion, and the Few unlocking the vault inside the Mansion.

They found many idols, statuettes, statues, pieces of art and a stone warhammer, Thunderstrike.

They also rescued a dozen elves who were captured by the Legion.

Now begs the question, do they return with the loot, or the captives?

The Few will return in Session 18.

Session 17 - The Legion of Morag

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