Session 1 - Arrival

The heroes, Ax and Dreyfus Kalamite stepped off the ship, the Morningside, captained by a cragsman named Thaler, a hideous rat-like man with a cleft lip and an enchanted left hand. They left quickly, to find their old army buddy, Stavros Stargallian (Stag or Ros to his companions.) The day was the first Soliam of Death, year 4388.

Looking around Cragtown, they decided to head to the Reaver’s Roost, a nice little smithery-turned-bar, owned by Kermstone Aregar, a Boletarian dwarf.. They asked if anything needed doing, and found that a mountain on the north of the island, Blind Ghoul’s Drop, was smoking as if it was a volcano. They decided to restock some potions at Three Drunken Monks, owned by an elf monk named Octane. They were vaguely disturbed by the three petrified fellow elf monks in the direct center of the bar.

They were distracted by a crowd of people entering the Reaver’s Roost, only to reveal a coliseum buried underneath, where a masked purple man was slaughtering gladiators with relative ease. During this Ax attempted to pickpocket a black-scaled dragonman, which she failed miserably.

On the way to Blind Ghoul’s Drop they encountered The Grappler, a warship of deep crimson wood emanating an evil aura. A hole in the base of the ship had a strange veil of shadow to it that prevented looking inside. Once inside, they saw horrible things.

Humanoids with cages on their heads, every orifice stitched up, wielding machetes of great old iron. The heroes quickly dispatched these strange aberrations. On board the ship they found the Veil of the Sadist and the Wraithclaw. However Dreyfus thought it humorous to scare Stavros off the ship.

Off the ship they saw Blind Ghoul’s Drop release another gout of black smoke, and that’s where the session ended.

Session 1 - Arrival

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