Schools of Learning

Magic Schools

School of the Terullion – Teaches basic non-lethal combat forms of magic. Found in Aspenbrook, Dawnforge.

School of Vinheim – Teaches violent combat and destruction spells and makes scrolls. Found in Vinheim, north of Gransys and West to Kyndale. Run by Arch-Warmage Scissorgrin. Known members include Big Hat Logan and Student Griggs.

School of the Provost – Teaches planeswalking and shifting, found in Aerrune.

Cathedral of the Deep – Forgotten and destroyed, taught Necromancy and Eldritch things. Somewhere in Dawnforge.

School of the Golden Sun- Oolacilian magic, includes magic crafting.

School of the Venarium – Boletarian sorcery and magical craft in Boletaria, there are several Towers throughout the continent.

Lost school of the Crystal Sage – Drangleic dragon magic, its location long lost.

School of Talanas – Clerical and paladin magic and healing, found in Gransys, Dawnforge.

School of the Broken Tongue – Londorian dark magic in Londor, Carthus.

Other Schools

School of the Tumbling Fool – Boletarian jester bard school, located in Ernham, Boletaria.

School of the Leaping Cat – Bard school in Dawnforge, Cassardis.

School of the Deathcrier – Skelliger bard school, located in Frisia.

School of the Black Flag – Cragsman bard school, located in Paradiso.

School of Seldaran – Oolacilian bard school, located in Erillion.

School of Mirrah – Boletarian warrior school, located in the Suntorn Waste, Boletaria.

School of Iriward – Skelliger blacksmith school, located in Undvik.

School of Patchwork – Dwarven mechanics and forging, found in The High Kingdom, Aerrune.

School of Majula – Bardic school in Majula, Boletaria.

Order of the Restless – Monk monastery in Khaal Suul, Boletaria.

Order of the Perfect Self – Monk monastery in Ariandel, Oolacile.

Order of the Eclipsed Form – Monk monastery in Londor, Carim.

Blood Hunter Schools

School of Sin – Carthusite warrior, blood hunter and mage school, in Carim, Carthus.

School of the Lion – Boletarian warrior and wulfhorden school, located in Forossa, Boletaria.

School of the Bear – Skelliger wulfhorden and fighter school, located in Midgard.

School of the Wolf – Dawnforge wulfhorden and adventurer school, located in Temris.

Heide Tower School – Oolacilian knight, eldritch warrior and blood hunter school, found at Heide. Very uncouth as the Heide Knights are blind.

Schools of Learning

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