Party Owned Magic Items

The Gravewalkers


The Darkflame – A strange greatsword, the “blade” is made out of weirdwood that twists like veins around a black soul-core. It was once owned by the Prince of Ash, a dear friend to Vlodimir von Goetia. The weapon is useless physically but the core deals necrotic damage for 2d6.

Wraithclaw – A cruel torturer’s implement, created by a Red Lord for the sole purpose of malice. It is a long chain-whip of red rusted iron with a cruel barbed iron head. For two charges a day the weapon can sap the lifeforce of a creature or person equal to damage dealt.

The Darkling – A simple wooden shield, if not for the fact the face is covered in a pulsating black tumour. Whoever wields the Darkling finds themselves resistant to Necrotic damage, as the tumour absorbs it. Interesting.

Quiver of the Facade King – A quiver made out of a myriad of colourful feathers, bound with painted leather. Upon the daybreak, the wielder of the quiver finds a new type of arrow within. Some are non-lethal, some deafen and some explode.

Clothing and Armour

Veil of the Sadist – A mask of rot-cloth made by a Red Lord, when wearing it the wielder is resistant to airborne poison and sickness. The mask is a thick black with the pungent smell of herbs and mold, a jagged smile is painted on the front.

Hood of the Voiceless – A mysterious creation, it is a soft velvet black hood. While comfortable, whoever wears it cannot remove it or speak. Whoever made it had a obvious purpose in mind.

Clay Phantom Mask – A moldable white clay mask, once per day the user can change what the mask looks like and cast the spell Fear. However it cannot be removed once attuned.



Mark of the Snakecharmer – Once per day the bearer of the Mark can summon an Ink Viper.

The Unkind Mark

Mark of the Healer

Deadcharmer’s Mark


The Blood Biography – A creation of Rlfuir Ox-Runolfsson, assisted by Voidblood of Gransys, it is a red-leather book with 100 pages of merroskrit. When a drop of blood is placed on a page, the page reveals some details about whoever owned said blood. However each page can only be used once. There is 95 left.

Piggy Bank – A clay pink pig about the size of a shoebox, it has a single coin-sized hole on top. It comes with five pouches of similar colour. When a coin is placed inside the pig, it is accessible by any of the pouches, but the pouches cannot recieve anything.

The Cruel Angel’s Mockery – A small brooch, on the face is blue stone with a silver carving of the silhouette of an angel, a skewer through its abdomen. On the back, carved roughly, is “Have fun, don’t hurt yourselves. – Love, the Darkling.”

Party Owned Magic Items

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