Faction Members

Dreadaleon, an older, wiser, crueler “Boletarian” gentleman. Prefers fence-work to the rogue life.
Nosferatu, an Absentian Drow, devout follower of Silf to the letter.
Ophis, a tiefling merchant, runs the Black Cat at Ral’Eldas, does forgeries and tattoos.

Giantslayer Lugos, twin to Hirgon, is the elder of Clan Ruh-Guhn.
Hirgon, twin to Lugos, is the elder druid at Geidnith.
Vordt, a madman dunked into the Hellmouth, can read minds.
King Eygon the Firegiant
Madman Tark

Big Maul, a Boletarian Slave-Born, a giant of a man, in service to Captain Argaol.
Captain Argaol, an Aerunnian slaver and trader, got the finest moustache around.

Rezifor, magic merchant and grave-robber
Old Man Davalog, owner of All Kinds of Fuckery

Mirai, half-orc paladin of Talanas
Artur, twin to Crom, foolish and naive
Crom, twin to Artur, smart and witty

Big Hat Logan, recognisable by his big hat, master of non-lethal magic at Vinheim
Student Griggs, Logan’s finest student and travelling companion, a fine elven warmage

Wanderers of the Way
Frogart Frost-Heart, a kind dwarf of Kyndale exiled to roam as a Wanderer, helps when he can.

Town and City Dwellers

Lem, halfling merchant, sells gems
Veile, half-elf clothing merchant, wears only the finest robes
Corvus Clemmons, plague-doctor and psionic, common merchant
Snake, innkeeper of the Broken Arm Inn
Miron Evenhands, Churchlord of the Talanas Temple
Commander Callius, veteran of several wars, now peaceful captain
Tilda, daughter of Snake, young and feisty, kidnapped by Sheraptus.
Katie, orphan girl, only friend is Mr Locksey. Kidnapped by Sheraptus.

Lothric, old, ugly, captain of the Ironford Guard, husband to Red.
Red, Lothric’s red-scaled dragonborn wife, owns The Firebirth Inn
Vargas, stonecunner dwarf, wears large glasses and has smoky black hair, smells of iron
Eskel, wood-elf hunter, horribly scarred, has a treasured recurve bow
Bran Crowsong, high-level blacksmith from Undvik, son to Trollhunter Crowsong
Quiana, silver-haired medusa of the woods, voluntary wears blindfolds, accidentally petrifried a group of villagers
Niellen, simple hunter and forester to Quiana
Frikka, druid of the woods, has a strange connection that area, looks like a wood elf wearing jewelery and an eyepatch

Ivellios, innkeeper of the Platinum Dragon, half-elf

King Anduril the Imlirith, 3000 year old ruler of Ral’Eldas. Wears armour made out of Dimeritium to conceal his intense magical ability.
General Emeritus the Third, Half-elf Navigator, batch-brothers include Dreimanis, Avallach and Ge’els.
Caxton, kindly dwarf armourer and blacksmith, always wears thick spectacles.
Hawkwood, Caxton’s high-elf assistant, has a tattoo of some god underneath his left eye.
Camilla, Oolacilian high-elf apothecary, always wearing gorgeous exotic dresses despite her work.
Captain Dransun, half-elf Navigator, horribly scarred, wears a suit of red plate armour.
Captain Castor, high-elf Captain, leads Grey Company, wields a whip made of bone.
Heriegger Aldos, sergeant of Grey Company, wields a greatshield and a flail with three heads.
Tsorigg, half-elf, half-orc, his heart is visibly missing from Darkwraiths, wears hot-iron riveted into his flesh to prevent zombification.
Halyr, wood-elf, member of the Diredogs in Grey Company, is a white werewolf.
Archbishop Peregin, high elf priest of Latherian, runs the Cathedral.
Baeloth, drow court-sorcerer, recognisable by his scarred eyes.
Jepelligus, owner of the Zenith of Style, finest tailor around, wears bright ugly suits
Brador, assistant to Jepelligus, he’s a wood-elf without any notches in his ears, very dark looking.
Salty Pete, owner of the Seaside Shack, ex-cragsmen, missing many fingers and teeth.
Marcus, father of Tomlin, wrongfully imprisoned in the Castle Dungeon.
Grumezar of Rosaria

Family of the Few

Kairi, older sister.
Lucian, brother-in-law, ex-jackal, now simple farmer.
Rylan Hawke, uncle.
Isha Hawke, aunt.
Jadel Hawke, aunt.

Rolif, Slightly older brother, devout worshipper of Durin and fine warrior.
Frollo, Oldest brother, excellent ranger, strong and silent.
Dra, Youngest brother, shy, fluent in Common and a mother’s boy.
Hilda, Mother, defender of her family and ex-shieldmaiden.



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