Languages of Starsong


The language of the Arcane, it is attached to the Rift itself. Magic-users speak it when casting, each word holding a place in the Kosmos.

Due to the Secrets of the Arcane, not every magic user will know every single word of Tal-Vashtoth. Each word’s pronunciation and inflection depends on the user, their casting type and what school of magic the spell is in.

Projectile (Such as Bolt, Missile or Arrow) – Tor
Guiding – Geurdae
Flaming/Fire/On Fire – Faessiir
Haste/Quick – Hoquz
To Mock/Taunt – Vulmeygut


Elvish is a naturally flowing language, heavy with vowels, giving it a naturally air-filled sound.

Well met – “Mae govannen.”
Thanks – “Veduie”
Goodbye – “Namaarie”
Good hunting – “Quel fara”
Sleep well – “Quel kaima”
You did well “Lle ume quel.”
Go kiss an orc – “Auta miqulla orqu”
Long journey? – “An lema?”
My pleasure – “ Amin saesa.”
Death and glory – “ Tel numeron tel quessir.”
Brother – “Cencul.”
Death – “Numerock.”
War – “Elendil.”
Adventurer – “Nehenial”
Longer Strides – “Forth Eorlingas”
Fight without Honour – “Tel rildur dos Vaardis”


A deep, throaty but equally airy sounding language, requires heavy use of air from the diaphragm.

Hello – “Broador”
Goodbye – “Abayo”
Blood – “Gwaed”
Kill – “iladd”
Fight – “Ymlladd”
Filthy dog – “Gwynt cyoar”
Fuck off – “Mulmnur tuh”
Charge – “Ryumnyr”
The warborn language – “Sverlomn”
Common warcry, meaning “Bring swords! Bring axes! Let them split our shields!” – “Skeggold! Skalmold! Skelgordnir kloifinir!”


The Orc language is interesting, it is a mix of grunts, clicks of the tongue accompanied by swift arm and hand movements.

Greeting to you and yours – “Aka’makosh”
Well met – “Throm-ka”
Charge – “Shenkosa!”
Fight and die – “Da grueaz bea!”
Warrior – “Duretha”
By my blade – “Gol’kosh.”
Acknowledgement and agreement – “Zug-zug”
Understand? – “Gesh-sugas?”
Goodbye – “Zilnok”

Shitcunt – “Du’ulvesheis”
Faggot – “J’rusht”
Damn – “Krunk”
Bollocks – “Dongliz”
Hello – “Czesc”
Goodbye – “Widzeniak”
Friend – “Agumzi”
Enemy – “Thaggorakzi”
Magic – “Kgumril”
Drink – “Garrikgi”
King – “Okri”
Human – “Dawri”
Elf – “Zharinn”
Orc – “Karak”
Traitor – “Thagi”
Bastard – “Runk”
Demon – “Drengbarazi”
Retard – “Wazzock.”
Goat-fucker – “Umgak kruti.”
Dwarf-tongue – “Khazalid.”
Non-humans who are smaller than dwarves, such as Halflings or Goblins – “Wutelgi.”

Stranger – “Shkaina”
A feasting hall, used by merchants for boasting their wealth – “Houn”
Elder – “Humn”

Thieve’s Cant Common
Murder – “Collar buying”
Illegal activities – “The game”
Burglar – “Gentleman caller”
Torture room – “Antique shop”
Jackal – “Porcelain man”
Hand of Ranald – “Bad lover”
Clasp – “Face pincher”
Pickpocket – “Fork”
Boss – “Prince Pig”
Adventurer – “Bravo”
To steal – “Filch”
To get arrested – “Bone”
An expert rogue – “Bragger”

Languages of Starsong

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