Chapter Two - Sing Sweet Seraphim

“As friends die,
Their time an ember,
The Few endure,
And the Few remember.”

The Few returned to Ral’Eldas, missing a member. Among them were the conquering heroes, the 22, with full pockets and empty stomachs.

They recovered, and joining them also Ilvaarn Jerosark, a Frostborne dwarf bard who seeked companionship. He joined the Few, and was given the BRANDED card.

The 22 had some shenanigans around the Elven city of white, doing odd jobs and visiting friends and colleagues.

Afterwards, they went to claim their reward, a decommissioned airship at a junkyard east of Ral’Eldas, said to be overrun with gobinoids.

They met the Legion of Grankhul, and Captain Zar’rik. They managed to escape with their airship, but it needs work and could not be taken the distance to Ral’Eldas.

In Ral’Eldas was an unfamiliar figure, standing eight feet tall of dark muscle. Kharik Drek, a full-blood Drek orc, had escaped Aerrune and made it to Dawnforge to pursue an Elf General, Lexurious.

They encountered Kharik back at the Cornucopia, and had him join the Few.

They also met Lord-Inquisitor Victor Saltzpyre, the leader of Order Xenos, a cruel but kind human who shared the story of the madman Vordt.

After this, they decided to visit the Catacombs and see what evil transpires there. Underneath Ral’Eldas lurked a group of cultists, the Church of Salvation, and Brador, a druid of dark power. They managed to escape, then bring Anduril to the Catacombs, who fought but “died” by Brador’s Brimstone Scratch.

Returning to Ral’Eldas was not easy. They survived, and now incur the wrath of Anduril.

After this they had a lighthearted show at the Springborne Soul Travelling Circus Family Show.

After the show, the Few made a plan to fix up the airship so they can finally return to adventuring and solving their problems.

They started to do odd jobs around the city, making plans on how to get the equipment required for their ship.

They saved several travellers and clerics from an ogre’s nest in the Witchwood.

The Few then completed many quests around Ral’Eldas, spending another week there to save up for the finalisation of their airship.

Much was accomplished in this time, they killed the Black-Gold Griffin and cleaned up a few loose ends within the city walls.

Within the city was painted “THE HAND OF GOD RETURNS” below a black hand with black veins, inspiring some distaste within the Few.

The Few were forced to leave Ral’Eldas after a string of poor mistakes. They left to Allindor.

Sheraptus told Strybjorn his story and of the madness behind his eyes and teeth. Sheraptus is only a title, given by his Lord, who he disobeyed. His name was Seraphim.
Sheraptus was given a series of impossible tasks, which he completed with ease, until his Lord mutiliated his wife and killed his son.

Sheraptus was left with his brothers, Yldus, Cahulus, Vashnear and Morkul, whom were killed by the Few and the 22.

His son’s name was Silir.

Chapter Two - Sing Sweet Seraphim

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