Chapter One - The Invasion

The story began how it always does, in a tavern.
Mhurren, Strybjorn and Aran witnessed a dream, more like a prophecy, of Sheraptus, of Netherlings and of Darkness.
They never knew how they ended up in the Broken Arm Inn, they’ve never met each other till that moment, yet in that same instant, they knew each other.
And that was terrifying.

Not long after they encountered Netherling scouts at The Winter Dragon’s Cusp in the Tundra north of Allindor. They returned to Allindor, none the wiser.

They met Tauv’lan Worgen two days later, tied up in a Zhentarim camp in the Tundra north of Allindor. They also encountered Corvus, a Psionic living in Allindor, among others such as Commander Callius, Dreadaleon, Rezifor, Evenhands, Veile, Lem and Frogart Frost-Heart.

After this chance encounter, they returned to Allindor only to watch it burn by Sheraptus and his minions.
They took Tilda, (Snake’s daughter) Katie and as many young women as they could.

They went to Ironford, a neighbouring town, in search of some answers or help.
They met Lothric, Eskel, Vargas and Bran. Outside of town they met the medusa Quiana and Druid Frikka. Strybjorn also heard tell of a Warborn matching Bolrick’s description passing through.

Aran found out his sister, Kairi, was taken from Goddard’s Lodge by Sheraptus. Her husband and his brother-in-law, Lucian, couldn’t help.

The Few then rescued Ironford from the grip of the Church of Salvation, a offcropping of the sect whom had symbiotes controlling them. They then founded Sanctuary on the bones of these monsters.

They fought Vashnear, one of Sheraptus’ wizards, at Ironkeep and rescued the women of Goddard’s, but many more remained lost.

Upon returning to Ironford they found General Emeritus the Third and his vassals, Avallach and Ge’els. They are Vanquishers for King Anduril the Imlirith. They requested the Few come to Ral’Eldas and meet with the King, for demon-slayers are the best of friends.

Several days later at Aspenbrook they met Nosferatu, Big Hat Logan, Griggs and Ivellios. However, they also found dead Elf women. Even the scourge of Sheraptus came to the Elven lands.

They encountered Pilgrims Anri and Hushtongue along the road.

On the way to Ral’Eldas, they encountered the Black-Gold Griffin, whose meal took Strybjorn’s leg. He survived, at the cost of Jurgen the Merchant’s life.

Further on they went to Ral’Eldas and met Gotthard, Tauv’lans new vassal.

At Ral’Eldas they met King Anduril the Imlirith, Aran regrouped with the Jackals, Strybjorn found his mother and brothers minus Rolif, Tauv’lan found cryptic messages and Mhurren has been cursed to die.

It was here when Strybjorn got the news that his home-island of Berenike is under siege of Sheraptus. He was reunitied with his village Elder, Giantslayer Lugos and Elder Druid Hirgon.

They then fought at the skirmish of Gran Soren, a refuge from the terror of the east. They met Mirai, Castor, Aldos and Tsorigg.

They made friends and enemies of the Cragsmen, met the Inquisiton, fought Netherlings, nearly died at the hands of a Sea-Dragon and met DIO the Arch-Demon of the Crawl who showed them their defining moments, yet failed to show how they met. They encountered The Caretaker at Baeloths’ Mansion, who fled with the Hymn and Ring.

Anduril’s niece, Karliene, was kidnapped. The Seasworn are to blame.

Currently they seek to cure Mhurren, find Baeloth, recover Durin’s Hymn and Salomet’s Ring, rescue the women of Dawnforge, save their family and end Sheraptus.

The Few landed on Berenike after issues in Ral’Eldas, involving a Netherling attack.
They met Rolif and Vordt.

Afterwards, Tauv’lan met Gevrauche through the Cruel Angel’s Mockery. He then talked to Vecna, and was given the Few’s tarot - The White Wolf, The Devil, The Hanged Man and The Emperor.

The Few set out to siege Old King’s Keep with the help of the Vardlings, however they lost Tauv’lan Worgen, the sole survivor of his clan, to Morkul.

Upon leaving Old King’s Keep to mourn, they were ambushed by many more Netherlings. Tauv’lan gave his own soul to the Death Domain to see his comrades succeed.

Tauv’lan was then sent to Nethra.

The 22 then battled again and again, eventually coming face to face with Sheraptus himself.
After revealing the Cruel Angel from his very grip, Sheraptus summoned the shadow of Tauv’lan to battle.

Strybjorn then killed himself by tackling Sheraptus off the side of a burning airship. The world watched as he died, and his soul went up to the ether. However, the Cruel Angel saved him and resurrected the warrior.

The Few then returned to Ral’Eldas, alongside the 22.

Chapter One - The Invasion

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