Adventuring Crews

“Contrary to what you hear in stories and songs, there’s only a handful of productive things a man can do once he picks up a sword. Of course, he could be a soldier and die in a region far from home, buried after being looted of food and cloth. He could be a guard, defend his home and family, then die from a goblin raiding party or a learning wizard. Or, he could be an adventurer.”

Fool, on one of his usual morning rants while sending golden angels to the earth in a beautiful arc.

“If you fall down seven times, you stand up eight. This is no matter of life or death, but what breaks first; your will or the barriers in your way.”

Quoth Ser Weyland.

The Shameless

The Shameless are the most mysterious quickly after us, the Godless. They called themselves that after Roland admitted he was a male prostitute before adventuring, but swears he didn’t do anything.

Mefrith is humourous, he is like me, the father-figure of the group. He is silent most of the time, but I suppose it is because he is silently considering how to annihilate the entire room in case of emergency. He seems sad though, but it is hard to read a dragonman’s emotions.
Roland is a loveable child, but a monster when someone threatens his friends. He is also way too eager to part with money and loot.
Dymitri is a woman, apparently, and is a hell of a shot and makes a mean bear. Like, an actual bear, she refuses to say how but she is a druid too.
Draughtgar is the only one who isn’t mysterious, he is simply an alcoholic. His whole reason for adventuring is to find the strongest ale and bring it back home to his friends.

-Mefrith, Dragonborn Paladin
-Roland, Goliath Monk
-Dymitri, Halfling Ranger/Druid
-Draughtgar, Dwarven Fighter

The Godless

A strange name, you ask? We say that because we, as a group, all follow Khetashe, the one god who loves adventurers and despises being worshipped. Strange, huh?

I, Justice, am not human. I am sure of this. But I have no proof otherwise. The evidence I do have, is so; my hair is gray despite being a young man, my pupils disappear at times, I lose my sword and it always finds me, and I have feverish dreams of a wood-elf girl.

Fool is an Aerunnian, but is brown as the dirt of Gallenshu. He is snarky, sarcastic and because of this I hate him, but there are times inbetween drinking when he becomes wise, usually about killing or women. He loves women. He also can torture a man nine ways to Hell, but that’s different.
Magician is a pain, he is a wizard but was born from sorcerer parents without a lick of magic in him, so he went to the Venarium. He is also the only one of us who has gained his memory back. He is young as a child, and always prattling about how dumb we are, but he is good when he feels like it.
Strength is probably the most mysterious, he is a Rhega but won’t tell me what it means, and he calls out names in his sleep. He also breaks my nose whenever I ask him about himself, so that’s that.

-Justice, “Human” Fighter
-Fool, Aerunnian Rogue
-Magician, Wood-Elf Wizard
-Strength, Dragonborn Barbarian

Dragon Fuckers

Where we found ourselves onboard a slave ship, the Dragon Fuckers all met at a crossroads after each of them was being chased by a different breed of Draconid. They managed to slay them, and Roy, as Roy does, blurted out their adventuring party name.

Roy is a simple warborn, who only seeks to get the Firebrand name to be a household one. Of course he starts with Dawnforge since Arl’Skellig isn’t keen on him anymore.
Camouflage is curious, he is hard to read but judging from his mannerisms, even how he drinks and eats, he is definitely nobility. Besides that, he is quick-witted and faster with a bow. Can’t take him partying though, he leaves mud tracks everywhere.
Dirhael? Dirhael. Dirhael is a white tiefling. Legend says that there’s only one in a few million of those. He is also completely insane, judging from how he talks to himself. Probably to his Patron. I’m not sure who to feel more sorry for, his party or his patron.
Ghuleh is a Gevrauchian, which should be enough. He, like most followers of the God of Death and Time, hides his face. He is slow yet wise and intelligent about a great many things, especially resurrection, he brought back Dirhael apparently.

-Roy Firebrand, Warborn Bard
-Camouflage, Wood-Elf Ranger
-Dirhael, Tiefling Fighter
-Ghuleh, High-Elf Cleric

Demon Dogs

They got the name after waking up to be sacrificed to cultists of the Blood God. They slew them, and continued together as Demon Dogs.

Weyland is as honourable as any adventurer can be, he is a mountain of a man and a great fighter. He is Boletarian but was adopted by Aerunnians to be taken as a member of the Holy Knights of the Allfather, so he’s rather fanatical.
Karla? Karla is not a common village witch as she says, but that’s what she did to make living easier, in some human village somewhere. She’s smart and as savage as any of us, don’t let that fine tail of hers judge her hidden violence.
Morvo is a Jackal, clear as mud. Jackals are not nice people, but Morvo is pleasant enough. He is a lover of the fine arts and a sneak like any other.
Brill is clouded in darkness. He too is a Gevrauchian, but only believes in the passing of death. Apparently he has a void soul, like that of a demon. Regardless, he is a cleric and a warrior like no other.

-Ser Weyland, Boletarian Paladin
-Karla, Tiefling Sorceress
-Morvo, Halfling Rogue
-Brill, High-Elf Cleric


The Pilgrims amuse me greatly, from Anri’s (Anrik?) gender-swapping shenanigans to Hushtongue’s quiet giant nature, they are a strange couple. Are they a couple? I better not pry.
They’re called the Pilgrims due to Anri helping Hush embark on a pilgrimage to see Starsong, as most Drow youth do.

Anri is a cleric of the Allfather, but claims to have been born into it as a young girl. Boy? Anyways, she’s been a cleric all her life, so she’s a fanatic, but not one of those that force it on you. I have heard the Jillianwood name before, but I cannot recall where.
Hush is a fortress, a mountain of black iron, he has ultimate reach and control with his halberd (not a euphemism) but I prefer him during peaceful hours at the tavern, where even with his huge gauntlets he can masterfully play his scarlet-rose guitar. What a strange man.

-Anri, Human Cleric
-Hushtongue, Drow Fighter

The Handsome Few

Ah, the Few. The reason we’re probably all in this mess, everything bad seems to happen to or near them. They call themselves that after, like most of us, they met with amnesia but, as luck would have it, they all had the same gods-damned haircut. So they’re the Handsome Few, even their latest member has the man-tail look.

Sadly, the Few have disappeared off the face of Starsong. As the life of an adventurer goes, we can only assume the worst.

-Strybjorn Ox-Runolfsson Warborn Fighter
-Aran Strayder, Aerunnian Rogue
-Mhurren, Half-Orc Barbarian
-Ilvaarn Jerosark, Dwarf Bard
-Tauv’lan Worgen, High-Elf Druid, Deceased

“An adventurer who will die for something has nothing to fear.”

Quoth the Cruel Angel.

Adventuring Crews

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