Sleepless in Starsong

Session 15
"The Undercity."

Today, the Few, still stuck in the Catacombs of Ral’Eldas, split up and went through it, before encountering the Church of Salvation, a group of cultists lead by Brador, a wood elf. He wished to enter the Undercity, whatever that may be.

They also teleported the King to the Catacombs, where he fought and easily slew a handful of cultists and a golem, but Brador used his Brimstone Scythe to cut a swath into the King’s heart.

Kharik watched as the King was resurrected, brought back from the edge of death by a blade that leaves no room for recovery.

The Few also found out that Baeloth was transported to The Deathrow, and swapped with a doppler by The Caretaker.

They uncovered some loot, including; Amulet of Khetashe, Covetous Gold Serpent Ring, Red Tearstone Ring, Hornet Ring , Cloak of the Innocuous and the Drang weapons, the Twinaxes and Twinhammers.

The session ended with the Few at the Springborne Soul Travelling Circus Family, where they performed for the people of the city.

The Few will return in Session 16.

Session 14
"Old coins upon older eyes."

The session started with the Few battling the Legion of Grankhul, a goblinoid legion, they “surrendered” and met Captain Zar’rik, the leader of the outpost at the junkyard that contains their precious airship. They managed to leave with it, but had no means to move it that distance.

Kharik Drek, a wandering orc, found his way to Ral’Eldas from Aerrune. His mission? To find and kill General Lexurious, who must be in the city.

The Few returned, with them was Vordt, and they met Lord Inquisitor Victor Saltzpyre, the leader of Order Xenos, a subsection of the Inquisition. He offered them his help in the search of Baeloth, the Hymn of Durin and the Ring of Court Sorcerer Salomet.

Victor and Vordt also know each other, as was revealed how Vordt came to be a criminal in Arl’Skellig. A serial killer, only harming those deserved.

In the Cornucopia, the Few ingested fine alcohols, and met Kharik Drek and Happy Harl, a circusmaster with a sad tale. Kharik joined their party, and off they went.

After this, they agreed to go down into the catacombs, and follow the trail of some robed figures.

In the catacombs they were chased by zombies, fell down a pit fighting giant spiders, a manta-like monster, and even fighting Strybjorn, possessed by a shadow spirit.

Sheraptus, apparently, still lives on by Strybjorn’s side, and “helped” the hero. Strybjorn may have to make a choice in the near future.

The session ended with the Few looking at a crumbled wall, to a room full of tar, and to their right, a room with a metal sheet floor.

The Few will return in Session 15.

Session 13
"I hope you find your peace."

The session began with the steady realization of Tauv’lan’s fate to The 22.

They fought, bled and killed. They returned to Port Wyrmwood with their friend’s body, and regrouped with the Royal Elven Army and Gen. Emeritus. They met High King Eygon the Firegiant, leader of Clan Pale Tongue, Madman Tark, leader of Clan Gottheim and Giantslayer Lugos, leader of Clan Ruhguhn.

With them, always, Rolif and Vordt.

They buried Tauv’lan underneath an oak tree. They would have liked to think he was at peace.

He was taken to Nethra, and remains there forever.

After convincing the High King to listen to their strategy, The 22 assaulted the Black Mountain on an airship. However, they were ambushed by Sheraptus, who disintegrated Strength’s arm and tore the ship asunder, sending it to the earth.

They fought Sheraptus, they saw the Cruel Angel inside of his circlet and were imbued with power.

They fell into the Hellmouth, and found Nethra. They could not save Tauv’lan from it. They only managed to save Katie and Tilda, as Karliene was killed instantly.

The fight lasted for what felt like eternity, as Tauv’lan’s shadow of spirit was banished by Vordt.

Strybjorn took Sheraptus personally, they battled, falling down the face of the Black Mountain before teleporting to the surface of a burning airship. The battle was even and cruel, blows exchanged constantly as the world watched.

Strybjorn then sacrificed himself by falling to his death with Sheraptus in his arms. As his spirit left his body to the ether of Berenike, he was resurrected by the arms of the Cruel Angel.

By some other power, each of the 22 was imbued with some form of the Cruel Angel’s power. The dancing red lights of energy is still there, inside, somewhere.

King Anduril came to Berenike to congratulate the heroes, and rewarded them fairly, with four thousand unmarked gold crowns and a decomissioned airship. However, he refused to believe Karliene may be dead.

For some reason, Strybjorn met Slan, the Arch-Demon of Lust, and Aran was saved by Salos, the Arch-Demon of Lost Sins.

The Few are also left with their tarot cards, THE WHITE WOLF, THE EMPEROR, THE HANGED MAN and THE BRANDED.

The 22 returned to Ral’Eldas, they met Ilvaarn Jerosark, to which Vordt claimed that “The 22 is whole again.” Strybjorn has taken it personally to care for Vordt.

The 22 then had a melancholy goodbye as they left to pursue their own adventures.

Ilvaarn Jerosark joined the Handsome Few and was given “THE BRANDED” card.

The Handsome Few will return in Session 14.

Session 12
"Unfinished Business"

Today, Tauv’lan died.
It wasn’t a peaceful death, as his soul went screaming into the ether of Berenike.
He died surrounded by the Few.

Before that, Morkul met an equally unpeaceful end, as the Few, Rolif, Vordt, and the Vardlings charged the Old King’s Keep and won, but at a great cost.

Tauv’lan used the Cruel Angel’s Mockery unwillingly, and met Gevrauche, the Bookkeeper, the God of Death and Time.

As the Few marched off to Wyrmwood, to regroup and maybe bury their fallen comrade, more Netherlings arrived. After sacrificing his soul, the 22 arrived.

The session ended in the heat of combat, Tauv’lan’s body gathering snow and ash.

The 22 will return in Session 13.

Session 11
"Rip and Tear"

What begins in death, ends in death.

The Few dealt with the immediate aftermath of the assault on the King’s Feast, and helped investigate the Netherling’s arrival. They also had a quick run-in with a pissed Captain Argaol.

They then “joined” The 22, a group of amnesiac adventurers with some defining purpose that they do not know. Yet.

The Few then met Old Man Davalog who helped them teleport to Berenike through an Aeon’s Gate.

After some distress involving a servant of Aldinach in the Plane of Shadow, Shadowfell, they were then dragged to the Crawl by DIO.

The Few were then dropped into Berenike, and found Port Wyrmwood in tatters.

They then found Rolif, Strybjorn’s cunning cleric brother and his charge, the madman Vordt.

After making a plan they went to Vardling Home to convince the Vardlings to aid them in sieging the Old King’s Keep. After slaying a Netherling Ogre, they found their help.

The session ended with Tauv’lan being sucked into the Cruel Angel’s Mockery.

The Handsome Few’s tale continues.

Session 10 Recap
"What the fuck is going on!?"

Previously, the Handsome Few met their match, and their past. They relived their defining moments and met DIO the Arch-Demon of the Crawl.
They also encountered a sea dragon who nearly slew them, and left one permanently scarred. The session ended with the grand feast under assault by disguised netherlings, led by Sheraptus.
Baeloth was revealed to be a doppler and that a member of the Inquisition to be another netherling, leading to their subsequent escape.
Now, there is many questions to be asked.
Where is the real Baeloth?
How did the Netherlings enter the city, and join with the Inquisition?

Currently, it is midnight, directly after the battle. The spellstorm rages silently above in the clouds like a green maelstrom.

Mhurren is bedridden at the tavern, Tauv’lan and Aran are outside the king’s study, and Strybjorn is being dragged to the healers. The wind howls. The night is filled with worried guardsmen, wounded noblefolk, warborn and cragsmen, questioning the King’s actions.

Mhurren has 3 days left to live.


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