Tauv'lan Worgen


I didn’t know Tauv’lan well, he seemed nice for a High-Elf. Most are arrogant and proud, but he seemed human. I heard he was the last of his clan, now they are entirely snuffed from history.

He died from his wounds fighting a Netherling wizard.

May he find peace in death.


Tauv’lan Worgen is a 75 year old high elf, 20 in human years, standing at 6 foot weighing 60 kilograms with silver hair in a tail, tanned and dirtied skin once fair, covered with tattoos with a large mountain spread on his back with vines running down his limbs.

From a secluded village he is quiet, but is brave in equal measure.

Can be hateful towards religion and the gods as they abandoned him.

His ideal is to knowledge and power, to self-improve on what he was taught and learn more.

His flaw is towards humanity and society, as parts of them are vile and evil, and he hates corruption and evil things.

His bond is to magic and knowledge, the things it entails.

True Neutral, he leans towards nothing other than knowledge and nature, but is good at heart.

-Was scarred by a magical explosion, rendering his right arm and right side of his face scorched.

Tauv’lan Worgen died from his wounds after battling Morkul, at the Battle of Berenike, Session 12.

Tauv'lan Worgen

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