Strybjorn Ox-Runolfsson


He is as Roy described him, a hero. That makes him the best out of most of us.

Where I fight to remember who I am, so I can forget this life and die a different man, Strybjorn fights for family, friends and his god. Purpose.

There is no greater ally than a Warborn, they drink hard, fight harder and at the end of the day they sleep like it was normal.

He should be dead though. Most of us should be, but him especially, I watched his spirit leave his body before something said “No.” He is still with us, but for a man from a race that basically sees life as a dream and death as the real world, I wonder if he wished that Gevrauche claimed his debt.

He is ruthless, constant and kind. I asked to see his card, and saw a hill of swords, and two wolves fighting, one black as the midnight sky and one white as snow. The card read The White Wolf.

Strybjorn died at Session 22 by a woman-like fey creature. She forced his hand against his companion Aran, before paralyzing and drowning him. Despite the struggle, Strybjorn died in the deep blue that claims so many Warborn lives.


Strybjorn Ox-Runolfsson is a 24 year old blacksmith from Arl’Skellig.

His personality is that he’s headstrong and quick to the punch, but knows his limits.

His trait is his adept nature at craftmanship, from blacksmithing to jewellery.

His bond is to his family, clan and his father, Bolrick, who he must find and/or avenge.

His flaw is his Warborn nature which can cause him to leap into action, as well as defend his name regardless of the circumstances.

His ideal is warborn nature in general, which is honour in battle, freedom and to seek glory.

His goal is to find his father, and to let his people at the Isle know the threat there.

Alignment is chaotic good as he believes in freedom and refuses to be under control, but is good in nature.

He is tall and built with dark brown hair set in a ponytail with a thick beard.

Brother to Dra, Frollo and Rolif.
Son to Bolrick and Hilda.

-Lost his left leg to a Griffin, but recieved a new one with magic, now there’s dark scarring around the wound.
-Has a small round hole in his left hand from the heel of Sheraptus.

Strybjorn Ox-Runolfsson

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