We have our own wall of flesh, Strength, but I’m always open to a swap with a thinker like Mhurren.

He’s interesting, most half-orcs are loud, boastful or hateful and disgusted with their past as both man and orc. He just doesn’t seem to mind. I heard someone call him the Prince of the Orcs, and I must admit I’ve heard boasting but that seems a bit much for anyone.

When Strength fights, there’s just this bubble that forms, of rage and hate. A way to describe Mhurren’s form would be “controlled chaos.” Calm, stoic and solid, making mince of men but with form. I have seen what that hybrid axe-hammer on his back does.

I asked to see his card, and saw a figure stained with ink. He stood on what looked to be a pile of corpses, laced with gold and trinkets. On the bottom was written The Emperor.

Mhurren gave up on his dreams of adventure after coming upon the bodies of his comrades. He buried them and walked for a week straight, collapsing at the door of Allindor. He now runs an orphanage there, the Sunnyside Orphanage. Every night he is reminded of the fate his friends befell.

Every night he says a prayer for each one.


Mhurren is a tall, fearsome half-orc barbarian, born by a female looter named Imzel and orc chieftan Wrukorog, raised in the Bloodfang tribe.

Hates Greenskin Elves after they slaughtered his tribe, now he is trying to find his father.

He’s green and ugly with jet black hair and numerous scars.

His goal in adventuring is to find his father or avenge him.

His ideal is to be a fair and just leader and person, as well as being quick and clean in combat.

He cares about humans and Orcs equally and is a good person despite his chaotic nature.

His personality is that he is confident about his strength, and because of it he is quick to trust as he doesn’t fear that anyone would conceive attacking him.

His quirks include his ability to make puns in combat, and his fear of fire that may endanger him, from his childhood.

He’s chaotic good.


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