Ilvaarn Jerosark


How common are small, angry men? Extremely so. Small angry men with big hammers? Even more so. Small angry men who sing uplifting songs and also use big hammers? I only know the one.

Frostborne dwarves are easy to come by, Ilvaarn Jerosark makes up for the crooked ones. He kills, he drinks, he sings, same as any of us, only just compacted into 5 feet of muscle.

Like his predecessor he too is shrouded in mystery, there is something about him that we don’t know yet. Vordt claims he is “branded” and his tarot supports that.

Speaking of Tarot, his card is “The Branded,” it shows an eclipsed sun in some field. Somehow that title and that imagery gives a very foreboding question.

Ilvaarn died fighting the woman-like fey beast that claimed his companions lives. He put up a fight but was outmatched by the creature. Before dying, he cursed his god Tritus and renounced his faith. In Starsong, steel is stronger than faith.


Ilvaarn is a 55 year old Frostborne dwarf, he is 4 foot 5, moderate build with a long black beard in two long braids, embroided with holy symbols.

He wields a horn and a drum.

“There’s nothing wrong with a bit of harmless taunting and rough and tumble”
“There’s never a song too loud, a smile to big or an ale too strong”

“Even the smallest voice can have an impact, there is no such thing as a man who is better than someone”
“A battle to save is a worthy one, a battle to kill that’s just wrong”

The Frestrain, the old man who dances, and music
His family and frozenface ale
Friends of the past, bespine, eversulk

The fear of inadequacy within his family, friends, audience, himself, Tritus and those in need
He does not trust demons at all instead he would gladly remove their heads. If the wrong words fall out of a demons mouth then he may lose his temper
He hates to see people oppressed and living miserable lives this can lead to him making stupid mistakes in anger.

Mother – Frege
Brother – Snapjaw
Father – Desonair
Friends – Eversulk, Bespine,

Parents own the Frozenface Inn on the outside of Kragal’Du’El

Ilvaarn Jerosark

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