Aran Strayder


Aran is supposedly from Aerrune, though I’ve never heard of a rogue from there besides one, let alone a Jackal. That makes him and Fool both interesting cases.

He walks with a purpose, though that purpose is usually reserved for what rogues do best; rogue things. There are times when he sits alone, and paws at a medallion.

I trust him though, he has a great sadness to him, he has lost more than most of us did thanks to Sheraptus. He is nimble, light, skinny yet sturdy. Taciturn also, but a man that can peel back layers of emotion to poke and pry at a man’s psyche. This makes him a valuable asset to The 22.

On another note, I asked to see his card, and saw a man cloaked in darkness hanging from a tree, though he cuts the rope that holds him by the neck. Written below is the Hanged Man.

Aran Strayder died in Session 22, by a strange fey woman-like creature that suffocated him with prehensile hair. He died standing.

May Gevrauche have mercy on his soul.


Aran Strayder is a 26 year old rogue human from Aerrune, dressing in dark leathers.

He is tanned, 6 feet tall and lean, blue-gray eyes, long brown hair in a ponytail, and a distinct scar on his left cheek.  

His main personality is being sarcastic and quick witted and persuasive but equally can be serious.

His main trait is his attitude towards killing and how he detests it; he doesn’t mind hurting or stealing but killing is never the be-all-end-all.

His main bond is to his sister Kairi, a brunette with green eyes, a year older and married to Lucian at Goddard’s Lodge, Dawnforge.

His flaw is his attitude to abuse, and will fly into a rage when he sees women being abused.

His ideal is thievery, always learning to improve himself as a thief.

His goal is to rebuild his fortune by performing a large heist.

-Was heavily scarred by a Sea-Dragon, his veins turn a visible milky black when he’s on low HP.

Aran Strayder

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