Sleepless in Starsong

Session 14

"Old coins upon older eyes."

The session started with the Few battling the Legion of Grankhul, a goblinoid legion, they “surrendered” and met Captain Zar’rik, the leader of the outpost at the junkyard that contains their precious airship. They managed to leave with it, but had no means to move it that distance.

Kharik Drek, a wandering orc, found his way to Ral’Eldas from Aerrune. His mission? To find and kill General Lexurious, who must be in the city.

The Few returned, with them was Vordt, and they met Lord Inquisitor Victor Saltzpyre, the leader of Order Xenos, a subsection of the Inquisition. He offered them his help in the search of Baeloth, the Hymn of Durin and the Ring of Court Sorcerer Salomet.

Victor and Vordt also know each other, as was revealed how Vordt came to be a criminal in Arl’Skellig. A serial killer, only harming those deserved.

In the Cornucopia, the Few ingested fine alcohols, and met Kharik Drek and Happy Harl, a circusmaster with a sad tale. Kharik joined their party, and off they went.

After this, they agreed to go down into the catacombs, and follow the trail of some robed figures.

In the catacombs they were chased by zombies, fell down a pit fighting giant spiders, a manta-like monster, and even fighting Strybjorn, possessed by a shadow spirit.

Sheraptus, apparently, still lives on by Strybjorn’s side, and “helped” the hero. Strybjorn may have to make a choice in the near future.

The session ended with the Few looking at a crumbled wall, to a room full of tar, and to their right, a room with a metal sheet floor.

The Few will return in Session 15.


loyaltilltheend loyaltilltheend

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