Sleepless in Starsong

Session 12

"Unfinished Business"

Today, Tauv’lan died.
It wasn’t a peaceful death, as his soul went screaming into the ether of Berenike.
He died surrounded by the Few.

Before that, Morkul met an equally unpeaceful end, as the Few, Rolif, Vordt, and the Vardlings charged the Old King’s Keep and won, but at a great cost.

Tauv’lan used the Cruel Angel’s Mockery unwillingly, and met Gevrauche, the Bookkeeper, the God of Death and Time.

As the Few marched off to Wyrmwood, to regroup and maybe bury their fallen comrade, more Netherlings arrived. After sacrificing his soul, the 22 arrived.

The session ended in the heat of combat, Tauv’lan’s body gathering snow and ash.

The 22 will return in Session 13.


loyaltilltheend loyaltilltheend

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