Sleepless in Starsong

Session 10 Recap

"What the fuck is going on!?"

Previously, the Handsome Few met their match, and their past. They relived their defining moments and met DIO the Arch-Demon of the Crawl.
They also encountered a sea dragon who nearly slew them, and left one permanently scarred. The session ended with the grand feast under assault by disguised netherlings, led by Sheraptus.
Baeloth was revealed to be a doppler and that a member of the Inquisition to be another netherling, leading to their subsequent escape.
Now, there is many questions to be asked.
Where is the real Baeloth?
How did the Netherlings enter the city, and join with the Inquisition?

Currently, it is midnight, directly after the battle. The spellstorm rages silently above in the clouds like a green maelstrom.

Mhurren is bedridden at the tavern, Tauv’lan and Aran are outside the king’s study, and Strybjorn is being dragged to the healers. The wind howls. The night is filled with worried guardsmen, wounded noblefolk, warborn and cragsmen, questioning the King’s actions.

Mhurren has 3 days left to live.


loyaltilltheend loyaltilltheend

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