Sleepless Nights

Session 11

"Rip and Tear"

What begins in death, ends in death.

The Few dealt with the immediate aftermath of the assault on the King’s Feast, and helped investigate the Netherling’s arrival. They also had a quick run-in with a pissed Captain Argaol.

They then “joined” The 22, a group of amnesiac adventurers with some defining purpose that they do not know. Yet.

The Few then met Old Man Davalog who helped them teleport to Berenike through an Aeon’s Gate.

After some distress involving a servant of Aldinach in the Plane of Shadow, Shadowfell, they were then dragged to the Crawl by DIO.

The Few were then dropped into Berenike, and found Port Wyrmwood in tatters.

They then found Rolif, Strybjorn’s cunning cleric brother and his charge, the madman Vordt.

After making a plan they went to Vardling Home to convince the Vardlings to aid them in sieging the Old King’s Keep. After slaying a Netherling Ogre, they found their help.

The session ended with Tauv’lan being sucked into the Cruel Angel’s Mockery.

The Handsome Few’s tale continues.


loyaltilltheend loyaltilltheend

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