Starsong, where gods battle, where steel is stronger than flesh, and gold more precious than blood.

Gold and steel.
Flesh and blood.
Story of our damned lives.

Sleepless Nights is a tale of adventurers, their lives and their deaths.
The Handsome Few were a merry band whose fate was like that of so many of their kind; an early grave.

They were;

- Mhurren of the Bloodfangs, Lone Prince of the Orcs,

- Strybjorn Ox-Runolfsson, Warborn, Fighter, Blacksmith and Brother,
- Aran Strayder, the Talon in the Dark, the Pale Jackal,
- Ilvaarn Jerosark, the Soul of the Mountain.

They’re not the only ones however, for there is always The Gravewalkers. However instead of dying, they simply fell into darkness, whatever became of them is a mystery.

- Ax, an Aasimar bard on a quest of self-discovery.
- Dreyfus Kalamite, a Dragonborn Illusion wizard searching for something.
- Enzo the Mercurial, a Tabaxi paladin of no god, but all of them.
- Tokodah Honeart, a High-elf silent idiot barbarian who likes to break the norm.
- Sariel Siannodel, a Wood-elf ranger veteran and a lethal instrument of war.

Regardless of what awaits every adventurer, every kind-hearted fool searching for something greater than themselves, does it matter what happens at the end?

You choose your fate.

Enjoy your stay.

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